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Re: new mercs
« Reply #15 on: January 09, 2017, 01:06:48 pm »
my first act of supreme money leecher of aika would be to make all the cl edates submit nudes daily. or i will ban there edate mates. As act 2 i will ban all the duped programmed sets. As act 3 i will delete feo and make them choose an equal spread amongst other nations with limited spots per naton to evenly distribute players.As act 4 i would ban xeagor so he can finally get off aika for once in 10 years and go get laid. As act 5 i would create new dungeons and real pvp with bosses that change everytime u enter like tera. As act 6 i would delete talents and make skulls and pvp the new talents. You must play and kill people to get gains in aika. As act 7 i would fire all previous t3fun staff and sell them to an isis sex trafficking market to live out there last days. ty that is all.

Hahaha GREAT IDEA theres any approving button here xD