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Guide for New Players - Steam Intake
« on: June 05, 2015, 11:23:17 am »
Guide to Levelling – New Players

This guide is predominantly based at addressing the simple issues addressing new players before and after the steam intake. Please read this! Not everyone in-game will answer your questions and although that sucks this will probably help.

There are six classes in Aika (gender locked) you can find out minor details about them here. Try to make sure you want to play that class before you start, because changing isn’t always convenient.

If you really don’t like grinding you can buy characters from other players by using Mercenary Tickets.

Starting to level is relatively easy, you can either grind on mobs (try to make sure they are orange) or quest. Questing lets you experience the story of the game if you are interesting in that. (You should level faster than the quests say you should.) Originally you need to do the first quests. Talk to Guard Diego at Overvold Farm in Verband, do his series of quests until he asks you to go back to the city. Talk to the Guard (Pizaro I think) on the way back in and he will give you the quest for a 2nd inventory bag. Carry on levelling then however you see fit, but make sure to get a pran. Captain Cromwell at level 7 gives this quest at the Flour Mill. More details on prans here. At level 10 you will have to choose with nation you would like to join. There are 5 nations ingame Alethius, Feonir, Lenaria, Ostyrion and Vanov. All have different flags and different people, it’s worth looking around at the different nations, to find people you may like, or would like to play with before joining a nation. (Citizenship quest from Magnus Trovato in Regenshein) Bare in mind that after level 15 you can no longer access the PvP channels (there will be hardly anyone in PvE) so choose a nation before you hit this level!

At level 17 speak to Kiki at Bitter Mushroom Farm (also Verband) for the 3rd bag quest. You’ll need to do the first quest for Major Krauss, and the quests for Kiki (not dungeon ones) first. You’ll get the ‘Boring Errand’ quest which you will need to complete, when prompted with the option of Return to Kiki, press the too Leah option. Carry on grinding/questing! At level 21+ you’ll have an Aitan Training Centre which will help you level, if you want to level fast you can do quests/grind at the same time as entering these. Short guide on ATC here.

ATC is available until level 81, but between 71-80 you can also do 10% dailies via honor, so it’s a good idea to get into capping parties for relics IF POSSIBLE.  You can also carry on grinding mutants if you so wish. TALENTS! With just talents you can level 1x in 20 days with no effort at all (if you are lazy like me).

After 81 is where it gets harder. You’ll have to spam dice (capping in towers and relic wars) and grind. You can buy items such as Egg Nog/Experience Scrolls/Aika Battle Potions which will all help you level faster. This can get difficult but it gets you to a higher level as fast as possible. Gear might start being a problem around these levels and lower, so you may have to look into farming or getting a new set. Good sets for new starters are truthseeker sets and 70 uniques around the 70 mark. There are also 80 uniques later on, but they are more expensive, these are still possible to farm for, particularly if you take some time to farm Lost Mines Hard/Elite and sell the mats to the NPC. Once you get to 81 you’ll probably want to invest in an 80 set until you can go for an ‘endgame’ set. These can be crafted through Unique AA and hammers via the NPC in Regenshein, or bought from other players. 

Useful Links Include:
Astrobunny Database
Aika Online Wiki
Main Aika Site (Includes support/tcoin buying)

Joining a guild is simple, simply find someone who can add you to a guild (they need a certain rank within a guild) or a guild master and they can add you to a guild. Not all guilds recruit all the time, and some won’t add you until you are a higher level, but there tends to be some per nation that are helping the newer players. There is 4 guilds in the LMA (Lord Marshal’s Alliance, press N) and they will probably think you are a spy (they all say that) until you are a higher level, however joining an LMA guild gives you extra Hp/Mp bonuses and defence/attack against other nations.

Map Function
You can search for mobs and NPC’s by using the map! Press M, and input the name you are looking for and it will tell you where to go. By pressing L and bringing up the quest screen, you can press location and find what you are looking for, and sometimes auto-move to the location (if you are lazy like me).

If anyone has any ideas to add to this let me know :D

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