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Heyo Been a While
« on: May 29, 2015, 08:00:32 am »
So yea kinda of thought about returning to aika, but had well **** load of questions lol -so forums hopefully can help. For starters haven't been on in like 2 years or something and no returners stuff? wondering if they took that out b.c starting fresh character seeing as jefe screwed me with my rm :/- regardless question time:

1-Noticed that there was like nothing in the AH yesterday, xtals especially and wanted to know is that normal? and how would i be able to grab my hands on xtals now than?
2-I heard that you can still grab a scout mount but only from someone whos selling is that true?
3-How do you get those new mount xtals like Pcrit 8 was it?
4-How do you get the pcrit 8 xtal for wepon?
5-Speaking of xtals are all the new ones cash shop only?
6-How hard is it to get a BF going, or join one? and do they still go on or rarely?
7-Pvp wise would it be possible to rack up the kills now? or would it take longer to get say even 5k (and proximate on how long if possible)
8-Well now studying in europe-so was wondering is that gone be a problem for activity/finding people and what not?
9-When did they change Ms+3 to 4? and does that mean speed caps been raised too?
10-What are stat caps now?
11-Any of the older players still around?

Prolly have more questions but those are the ones on the top of my mind, any response would help ^^ Grazi


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Re: Heyo Been a While
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2015, 12:31:15 am »
So is it normally this sad on forums o.o? kinda of hoping not this quiet in game at least


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Re: Heyo Been a While
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2015, 08:03:23 am »
I'll answer the ones i can (should really be done by an Osty though ;D), but i avoid pve when i can as it's just a boring repeatative side of the game that holds little interest, so i'll ignore the questions you asked that i cant answer

5 - Generally most new xtals will be bought out in the dreaded 500 tcoin boxes.
6 - It's very difficult these days, since the 5% BF dailys was stopped at the 85 cap few people go to battlefield. Realistically the only way to get honour is raiding / defending / capping relics.
7 - If you are between level 71 - 90 it is incredibly easy to rack up kills, get some half decent gear and go to the arena that is held 4 hours apart from eachother and watch the kills roll in.
8 - Depends on your nations, Ostys real active time (from what i've seen, and im a western european player (from Vanov)) seems to be late evening for us and onwards
9 - I think it was the 85 cap or midway between 85 / 90, some xtals had a few more stats added onto their current numbers, so xtal names / descriptions may not match what they give (just take notice on the line of stats the xtal says it gives), but the basic speed cap is still 70 (not including wrwrwrwring)
10 - Stat caps? didnt know we had stat caps :O
11 - You may find a few, from 2 years ago there are quite a few, but they will likely be focused in the stronger nations like Feo

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