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Info about Stone
« on: February 13, 2018, 08:31:22 pm »
◆Info about Stones
The stones are new equipment that add extra stats / atk / def to our characters.
We are able get them from dungeons (mostly bosses / semi bosses in hell dungeons; possible to drop in elite dungeons), field bosses and also from Lucky Shop / events.
The item is tradable so can also be bought from other players.
We got 4 ranks for stones, each rank gives different color to our names.

◆Stone's Ranks
B (gray name)- Round Stones (one for each class)
A (yellow name)- Star Stones (one for each class)
note: both of them can be acquired through dungeons / they are useful in pve since give extra dmg / stats points / hp

AA (orange name)- Guardian (defense)/ Demonic (attack)
S (purple name)- Aika (defense) / Zereka (attack)
note: for all classes / those can be obtain in lucky shop / events / mostly useful in pvp

◆Stone Refinement
The stones same like our gears can be upgraded.
For that, need Craft Hammers (hammers depend on the stone's rank) and Mark's Refinement Guarantee (similar to enriches, which prevents our stone from breaking, also depend on the stone's rank).
First 3 lvl can be obtained with only hammers. After that, most recommendable is to use Mark's Refinement Guarantee.
The stone can be upgraded till lvl 15 in total.
After each 3 lvl, the name of stone changes, same as presented below:
1 - 3
- no change
: Stone lvl 1-3
4 - 6
- Bright
: Bright Stone lvl 1-3
7 - 9
- Shiny
: Shiny Stone lvl 1-3
10 - 12
- Brilliant
: Brilliant Stone lvl 1-3
13 - 15
- Noble
: Noble Stone lvl 1-3
note: Hammers are dropping mostly in hell dungeons (heard also about elite), can drop them also from hunting mobs (Traband) or buy from other players / win in the event / higher ranks hammers in lucky shop too.
Mark's Refinement Guarantee can be acquired from Lucky shop / events / other players.

◆Stone Combination
There is also possibility to combine stones to obtain a higher rank one.
For that, need to use Mark's Combination Guarantee (rank depends on the stone) and at least 2 stones at the same lvl (preferable, lvl 10).
The more stones used for combination, the higher chance we get.
Same with lvl, the higher lvl of stone, the higher chance of success.
If combination success, the enchantments are removed from the acquired stone.
If combination fails, the stones we used are replaced with one random stone.
note: Mark's Combination Guarantee can be acquired from Lucky shop / events / other players.

◆Stone Enchantment
The stones can be also enchanted with special crystals (obtained in dungeons / field bosses / events / other players). The better enchants are harder to get. Can use auralars to get random enchantments aswell.

To reinforce / combine or enchant our stone, need to meet new NPC Mark Kepler, which is placed in Regenshein Commercial District (near anvil).
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