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Info about Asteria
« on: November 23, 2017, 12:59:31 pm »
The new map (the pattern of Termiz map) with huge amount of exp from mobs.
The only place that drops items with auto hunt mode on.

Sadly the daily time we can spend in Asteria is limited. Per 24hours, we can farm there for 360min, after the time is over, we will be automatically ported to the town and we are not able to enter the map again, need to wait till daily reset (6 AM server time).
To get to Asteria, we need to obtain the ticket from daily quest (NPC right next talent shop - Cafe Merchant).
1 ticket allows us to enter Asteria for 1 hr.
We can charge the hours and save them for later.
To check our load or already used time for this map, press X in-game (default key settings).

Also Asteria ticket available in cash shop.
also acquired from Lucky shop / events / other players.
If we want to enter this map, we need to move to the teleport (same teleport as to Cirrugor / Zantorian).
The minimum lvl to enter the new map is 70.
We can choose if want to port to Low or High level Asteria (it's same place just ports us to different side of map).

The place gives a pretty nice exp from mobs, which is good to grind there while we want to lvl our toon up (think that's the main reason we got it).
The drops we can get are common (i.e. Athlons / rubs AA / pells AA / morrventra mats etc).
Sometimes happens to drop 90uni core box (rare), pell or rub S and now also Zereka Coins (used to exchange for 80uni set +10 or 7th anniversary acc).
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