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Legion Emblem
« on: November 26, 2017, 09:36:32 am »

 Legion Emblem should be an image with size of 19x19 Pixel (24bit / 32 bit) in BMP format.

! Remember
Emblem should be 24 bit BMP image. Submit 32 bit BMP image only if you want a transparent background.
For transparent background, the 32 bit BMP image should contain an Alpha Channel.
Tip in Creating Legion Emblem using Paint
① In the Paint menu, choose Image -> Attributes and set the image width and the height to 19.
② Utilize Zoom In/Out function in drawing the emblem.
③ Once you are done drawing the emblem, choose File -> Save. Select 24-bit or 32-bit Bitmap in the “Save as type” located in the lower part of the save window.
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