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« on: November 19, 2017, 12:42:54 pm »
This is just an idea on how to counter "duped sets/gb/trading incidents w/e" , for starters this is just a suggestion based on an opinion so don't get salty if you don't like it  ;).  The suggestion is as follows:

Create a "contract" cash shop item that allows players to trade items/gold/toons/etc. that also allows players to establish the terms of the trade. (ie. a simple trade or lending equipment to a player as long as he follows X, Y, Z) This would facilitate the documenting of expensive trade transactions dealing with multiple gbs, gear, toons, etc., guarantee that the items being exchanged are not fake (the items placed on the contract would be scanned to verify their validity, no idea how...since i'm not a tech person but I am sure it can be done), and it can give t3fun extra profit.

This is just something that came to mind in light of the recent incidents concerning the falsification of goldbars and sets.


A very concerned Osty wl