Author Topic: In-game announcements (October 25, 2017)  (Read 10058 times)


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In-game announcements (October 25, 2017)
« on: October 25, 2017, 05:08:06 am »
The new quest to Tony lstark will not appear if you don't have the "Founding Aitan" title.
Make sure to equip it before talking to the NPC.
Every promotion quest has a title required.

Once you finish the 3rd class quest, your name class will change into:
Conqueror = Kensei
Templar = Valkyrie
Sniper = Reaper
Pistoleer = Assasin
Arcanist = Archmage
Saint = Seraph
For those player who were kicked earlier, check your title now (Achieved)
Look for the title "Founding Aitan"

We will now post the other promotion quest guides in the forums (General Discussion).

Kindly post your IGN on the topics (AIKA) 3rd class title (Founding Aitan)

If you have any other in-game, about this announcements concern, kindly create ticket to AIKA Support Team.

Thanks you.
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