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Game Account Suspension FAQs
« on: October 15, 2014, 09:11:03 pm »
Hello Aitans!

This is a guide for those who find their in-game accounts suspended for some reason.

You can check out the Game Management Policy here on this link if you need to know most of the rules in-game.

Anyway, on to the FAQs:

---What to do in case of suspension?---

Send a Mail Inquiry!
The game won't say why it happened, so ask the Support team for more details. The account may be under investigation for wrongdoing or is being sanctioned for a crime.

*When sending a Mail Inquiry, make sure you indicate "AIKA!"

---"Suspended for 'No Reason?'"---

Remember this:
GMs never suspend without reason. Ever.
If an account has been suspended, it means SOMETHING BAD happened.
What? You think we just go "Hey, let's randomly select 5 players online and ban them! Haha!"
No. Just no.

Suspensions mean an account did something illegal, became part of a crime, or benefited from a crime and is under investigation or is being sanctioned for the crime.

--How will I know if an item or gold is illegal/duped/cheated/hacked/etc.?--
Most likely, you won't.
*Does not apply to the criminals themselves who know what they're doing.

--Will I be suspended for buying illegal/duped/cheated/hacked/etc. items or gold?--
Nope, as long as you bought it fairly.

--My "friend" was suspended for "no reason." He just bought Gold Bars/Items and was banned!--
GMs don't suspend without a good reason. SOMETHING happened which your friend might not know of (if they're actually innocent)... or is not telling you...

If they're innocent, they should be fine.

For others (the real criminals)... do you really think they'd tell you "I got banned for buying from gold spammers/chargeback scamming the company/hacking and stealing XYZ's stuff/cheating or duping items/real money trading/etc."?
The really nasty ones will lie to you and try to make you (and your guildmates) vouch for their innocence.

--Those who unknowingly got involved in criminal activity...--
...will usually get suspended for investigation.

After all, if someone received $10 million from a "friend" as a "gift"...
...and then everyone found out that the "friend" stole $100 million from a bank, you can be sure the police will come and "investigate" them.

If that person used that $10 million to buy a car, gadgets, and a new paintjob for their house, then the police will take away the car, the gadgets, and rip the new paint right off the house (this is just an analogy).

Sadly, this is how a few criminals screw over several people. Don't blame the police for their investigations, blame the [Censored for Profanity] who did the crime and got innocents involved!

--Why so vague about investigations?--
When thieves discover that the police use fingerprints, they start wearing gloves.
When thieves discover Security Cameras, they start wearing masks.
Therefore, it's a great idea for detectives to keep fingerprinting technology and security cameras a secret.
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