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New Events for October 2017!
« on: October 01, 2017, 02:59:27 am »
1. Spam Bot Scary Clowns, in Honor of Halloween will be lurking and posting random posts here on Forums.
    Spot one, be the first to comment in regards to such. You win Nothing!

2. Pumpkins will be Spawning, at random times, here on Forums, in Honor of Halloween this Month, duration of event is to be determined.
    Winners of finding such pumpkins will be announced at a future date.  (Generally, Never, or perhaps before the Event period of time is set to end.)

3. Users that log-in each day, during the entire month of October. Must only log in and log out, at least once per day for the logs to detect the
    required log in/log out. Winners will be chosen during the Christmas Festival of Festivus event. Which is yet to be determined.

4. Pencil of Writing Event! Simply take a selfie of you playing Aika-NA, with a pencil in one hand, Winners will be determined based on whether
    The pencil is in said players right or left hand. Rules are, it must be a pencil, no pen's are allowed. And it must be clearly a No. 2 pencil, with
    Such indication clearly showing in the selfie. All prizes are null and void on this event! (Note: players with a picture of a pumpkin that they drew with
    that pencil in their selfie have as much chance of winning nothing as every other player).

   Congratulations to all the winners in this years month of October Events.
   Kindly log into the Aika Home Page, using your Aika Home Page/User-Account, click on the cash shop tab, and start spending money!
   Good luck next month to our winners, and other players!
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