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Blackie The Blacksmith
« on: September 04, 2017, 11:56:08 pm »

A legendary blacksmith once again has found his way to the fields of Lakia. Find him to have one of your gears enhanced... for a certain fee.


Announcements will be made once the blacksmith appears in Lakia. He could be anywhere so keep your eyes peeled. No clues will be given, so be fast! Once you have located the blacksmith, you may choose one of your equipment to be Reinforced.


- If you wish to join the event, you must have the equipment you want refined equipped or inside your first bag inventory. The gold/gold cheque must also be in your inventory.
- If you win, tell the Blacksmith what equipment you want to be refined.
- Ex. “Please reinforce my +8 Blade of Heaven to +9"
- You will be logged out once the event ends so the equipment will be refined and the gold/gold cheque payment will be taken out of your inventory. (Please avoid logging in for 10 minutes once the Blacksmith logs you out).
- (2) winners will win every nation per week.

Refinement Cost:

+7 to +8   500,000,000 (or 5 pieces of 100 million gold cheque)
+8 to +9   700,000,000 (or 7 pieces of 100 million gold cheque)
+9 to +10   1,000,000,000 (or 10 pieces of 100 million gold cheque)
+10 to +11   1,500,000,000 (or 15 pieces of 100 million gold cheque)
+11 to +12   3,000,000,000 (or 30 pieces of 100 million gold cheque)


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Re: Blackie The Blacksmith
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