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[EVENT] Dungeon Run
« on: August 02, 2017, 05:22:43 am »

Ronnir the “Talent Merchant” ask every Lord Marshal to help their nation grow. That is why they are asking to help the new Aitans to level up to the maximum

Duration/Schedule:  August 3 – August 19 2017

-Players need to create a level 1 character and need to max it on or before August 19.
-The new create characters can only level up by questing and  inside the dungeon (Elite and Hell) only. You can invite your friends to join you in leveling.
-New created characters should send a ticket that they will join the competition/ event.


T3fun ID:
New level 1 character
IGN of helpers (for security purposes):

•No using of Arena Onyx and rewards from the Aitan Training Center  (Any players who will be caught using this will be disqualified)
•Players can use Experience scroll and egg nog / Exp Relics
•Players can ask help to higher characters to boost them inside the dungeon
•Any gear is allowed
•Management will check the progress of each character (This includes the dungeon run, items used etc.)
•PVP / PVE channels are allowed to do the levelling.
•We will accept applicants on August 1, 2017 at exactly 00GT
•Dice is not allowed
P.S : Avoid using any kind of illegal program inside because we can see every move of your character inside the dungeon.
•After reaching level 99, kindly input the (`time) and take a screenshot of it. Then send it to support for validation.



1st placer (fastest to reached level 99)
•1 full set of +10 90 core (of choice)

2nd placer
•1 full set of 7th accessories

 3rd placer

•1 full set of +7 90 core
•Consolation rewards: 20 pieces of eggnog and 10 pieces of trampled flowers