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Aika Closes after Loading Screen
« on: February 14, 2013, 11:18:12 pm »
I've been having this problem since the last server maintenance. What happens is I will load the game and click Start. When the game starts, the loading screen with the yellow bar will appear. When the yellow bar loads, the game automatically closes. I have even uninstalled the game and downloaded it again. I am still having his problem. Can someone help me?

EDIT: I've never had any trouble with Aika before. Im running windows 7. My computer has a Intel i7 Processor Quad Core 2.2 GHz and 8 Gb of RAM, so I have no speed issues. Also, If you could move this to technical issues, I posted it in the wrong area Xb

EDIT 2: I can start the game and get up to the login screen. However the moment I click, the game closes automatically.
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Re: Aika Closes after Loading Screen
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2013, 11:45:27 am »
what about your video card? I find this game sucks up a LOT of video memory. I actually had problems with random crashes when I "only" had a 520 MB video card. Even at 2 GB I still have issues but at least the game stays open for several hours before starting to struggle.

Try clicking settings on the launcher and take ALL your video settings down to the lowest level and see if the game will load then.

Also check your firewall and make sure AIKA has full permissions. This probably is not the case since you are actually starting to load, but can't hurt to check. You may have more than one fiewall.

Finally, check your Internet speed by going to and running the tester. Anything less than about 3MB/second you are going to struggle, IMO.

I assume you are running a 64-bit system, otherwise all that RAM is wasted. 32-bit won't address more than about 3 GB.


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Re: Aika Closes after Loading Screen
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2016, 07:41:57 pm »
i just update my windows 10 build 10586 to windows 10 build 14393. now Aika getting to the loading screen with the yellow line and when that loads it immediately shuts down. i thought maybe windows did something to it so i uninstalled it and reinstalled in. however, i'm still having the same issue. i checked my settings, and  put them as low as i could that hasn't happened any.

these are my results from the site you mentioned before:


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Re: Aika Closes after Loading Screen
« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2016, 08:10:14 am »
this is happening on my pc intermittently. i havent noticed if i upgraded my windows 10. but after the maintenance on Aug 3rd, it has started to occur up to this moment.