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Rhawn Crossroads / Re: hahaha
« Last post by ToxicWrath on Today at 04:54:11 pm »
qqnomacro u suck and fail bro LMAO  :P ::)
Rhawn Crossroads / Re: hahaha
« Last post by THETRUTH on Today at 04:51:12 pm »
didnt i kill you like 50 times today? and it was 3 against 1 vs me ???
Universal Marketplace / Re: Selling: RM Toons and Set
« Last post by Redskin on Today at 03:51:03 pm »
Universal Marketplace / send's buy/sell list
« Last post by sendsophia on Today at 03:45:13 pm »
Dodge 6 x4 for acc
Dodge 6 x2 for armor
reduce nation damage 70 x2 for armor


Bright blue star stone lvl 3
  w-dodge 6, str 10, and phys damage 66

Gold, tcoins, or gold bars!
Send forum message or mail offer in game to sendie or sendsophia
Rhawn Crossroads / Re: hahaha
« Last post by qqnomacro on Today at 02:51:13 pm »
did u set downgrade cause u so no factor to leave rift? hahahahahahahahaha
u always hug rift but stil die so much
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: lol
« Last post by THETRUTH on Today at 02:07:06 pm »
lol 11k views
Universal Marketplace / Re: B> crit resist 12 / 30k gb
« Last post by THETRUTH on Today at 02:06:37 pm »
Suggestions / Re: New management..
« Last post by THETRUTH on Today at 01:53:55 pm »
i was never "caught" for anything

he got banned and they punished me because he had no gear to -

nice to know ur a sore loser aswell

i find it really funny all the players we kill are so happy over gm doing this to him and punishing me for what he did like ru stupid my name isnt even on forum list lol sore loser man u should practice more and report less.
nothing will improve.... angry players spam report 1 player for playin good and GM is forced to ban because majority of players will be happy which is like taking a kid to the candy store and they cry down every isle until their parents buy them the candy common bruh.. . . thats what aika is now
General Discussion / Re: WHy list BAN macro is not update ?
« Last post by THETRUTH on Today at 01:26:49 pm »
Once they started handing out false bans they can't exactly put on there "PlayerX - Banned because another player cried too much"

Usually bans require a legitimate reason, and putting their reasons out to the public would show that they're a corrupt company.

I wouldn't go as far as to say/refer to them as a corrupt company..

Though I will say that I have my pure doubt's that this Aika is even run/backed/etc. of sorts by ANY company..
Merely seems as though that Hanbit/t3fun gave up on it months ago, and either handed it over to some
pure sack of **** that just keeps taking peoples money via scam boxes... There's my 12 cents! lol

this company actually should get reported by everyone to the better business bureau because it does run scams

gms have been caught selling sets to favored players

gms have been caught just listening to said players over other players

gms choose favorites and listen to those favorites

gms giving items to certain players they like and caught for it

gms false banning with no proof just to take items away from you that you paid for and have nothing to do with any rule breaking

yes this company is actually bad
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