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General Discussion / Re: OREO HAS RETURNED - AIKA HN
« Last post by AnnieHastur on Today at 10:25:56 am »
yeah that's chip's lady
Feonir / Feo voting ally wishes
« Last post by Darsia on Today at 09:58:19 am »
As the image says please mail me your choice in the game. if your account or name is never seen and never heard of, will be ignored obviously. only real players can vote and once per player please.

Thank you 

General Discussion / Re: OREO HAS RETURNED - AIKA HN
« Last post by ApoloNear on Today at 09:45:59 am »
YES. OREO IS BACK.  THERES A CL CALLED OreoCheesecake in Len!!!
Universal Marketplace / Re: T>lvl99 WR w/ Full+12 OC Mystic Set
« Last post by xLevine on Today at 08:55:52 am »
yeah someone paid me off a debt. and thats my conclussion too that some are duped. some were charged to my tcoins some werent
General Discussion / Re: Gold Bars not registering to tcoins when opened
« Last post by Darsia on Today at 07:32:11 am »
I hope I am wrong and its just a bug but I just opened a 10K gb and today and all worked normal,  is it possible the gbs you have are fake? in some way or hacked gbs? i heard someone had the same problem because the gbs was fake. one time when I was +ing my wep and one of the enriched I had bought was fake enriched pel and my wep got destroyed them gms resorted it sooo i am guessing you might have same issue I had some years ago. Better to send a ticket with time and date.
Universal Marketplace / Re: S> Lvl 99 PL W/ Cruel Set +9999 12 8
« Last post by LilRaroko on Today at 07:30:11 am »
Universal Marketplace / Re: B>Noble stone rank A for wr, rm and dg
« Last post by Vampa on Today at 07:27:42 am »
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