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General Discussion / Re: Got a new freind :D
« on: March 21, 2017, 08:32:50 am »
How? :o was there a GM event?

1) The damage should go to the cleric if anywhere since the heal is coming from them and the damage will be calculated from the heal, and whats my pilot doing in the vid! lol Also deliverance has always neutralized Bella even b4 the update of it removing 1 debuff, and Divine Ward always went to 1 tick after a port b4 the text update. The reflect neutralizing Bella Heal is not new, back in the day reflect lasted only 1 hit so happened once in a blue moon. They will prolly just add this to the skills text if it was not intented and pretend it was lol (Like they did with DW) It prolly doesnt reflect damage coz it comes from a heal, prolly no code written to take that in to account for reflect lol, or the AG could be preventing the damage from going anywhere, AG prevents reflected damage (on the AG'd person tho) Might as well test it with regular bella heals, and not an AG.

2) DGs don't need a nerf!

3) Block shouldnt be able to neutralize Bella Heal since it causes a miss, not a prevention of damage specifically like a reflect, the AG wont miss so Block/Parry can't do anything. Can always test to confirm!

Actually, we did test with regular Bella heals as well. The same interaction occurred!

Upon further investigation in a controlled environment, we came to the conclusion that Bella healing someone with reflect up mitigates the damage, but does NOT reflect it back to the DG. The damage dealt to ShevaMeows was from another source.

I've contacted the GMs to see if this is behaving as intended or if you should still receive damage, or, if the damage should be reflected back to either the CL or DG.

  Dg has been needing a nerf for a long time...  they've pretty much screwed every class on one or more good skills except the dg... warriors two best skills were nerfed like fear and at that cap it made stunlocking/disabling enemy into a slow but sure death slightly harder.. bloodstrike nerfed due to ppl saying it was too op and one shots were pissing off everyone into rage quits... 

  I think it's time for the Dg nerf .... every other class had to adapt to the changes made to their toons causing them to change builds/experiment with new techniques. Even the common low lvl 85 or under can stunlock/disable forever...  Gm... Do it  :D

Actually, I'd argue that DG is one of the most challenging and rewarding classes to play. You have to time skills quite precisely and just slamming your head into the keyboard will most certainly promise that you will die with very little effect on whatever was going on in game. :)

General Discussion / Re: open your eyes and look osty
« on: March 20, 2017, 10:29:08 am »
another hacker from osty

Report it. :) I'm not going to report every single one you guys catch because you're too lazy to do so yourself.

Hello everyone,

So in the video linked here you'll see that shortly after 4:45, a couple things happen. My ward is already down, and my grace is just running out. I cast my reflect blow, and a DG applies belladonna to me. As the DG applies belladonna, DinoKitteN graces me (you can see the mana given and the immunity buff) however, I take no damage, neither do either of the DGs on screen, and finally, Kitten doesn't take damage either. What happened in this interaction that prevented me from taking the Bella/AG damage? Where did the damage go if it was reflected?

Thanks for your input,


General Discussion / Re: open your eyes and look osty
« on: March 19, 2017, 11:11:30 pm »

and its not just len that atomic is reporting.

Actually, that being said, I haven't reported any len RMs for macroing, yet. :)


General Discussion / Re: open your eyes and look osty
« on: March 19, 2017, 11:01:07 pm »

Thank you for providing these videos. :) I've sent them in to the GMs.



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