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General Discussion / Re: just coming back, whats new?
« on: Today at 04:11:37 am »
I can sleep soundly now...

I've been scrounging the forums for at least one other forum bot ad..

I'm not sure wtf it's trying to sell, but I know it's something..

So, I'm off to bed.. finally.

(To the Mod(s) for the Forums here... simply screen shot, etc.. Present such FIRMLY to them... "Give ME the power NOW to be able to rid of this BS!"... Whatever you choose to say, but BE FIRM!!!... I know, that you know, you don't want this crap, stand your ground though.. 25k tcoin, 30day cae.. whatever other crap, PER MONTH...?? Is it really worth your hassle for people to wind up pming you, etc, etc etc???  Though, probably is.. just ignore all the pm's, etc.. free tcoins, 30day cae's, whatever else. to do nothing.. because they won't let you! lmfao! :P

General Discussion / Re: Moderator Message
« on: Today at 03:52:48 am »
I have no idea whats youre on, but hey there! been a while now. ahahhaa

Lol!!  Just spread the word already!!! Get it into Admins, Devs, GMs, Mods, etc etc.. whatever they're all called now...



(Make sure ya's let them know to MAKE SURE the "prizes" are worth it of course! :P)

Oh yeah though, weren't you a Mod here, maybe WAY back in the other days though Skip?? lol
(which is was I was initially referring to, perhaps I'm completely wrong, was back then too.. *shrug*)

The person that made that post said it best.. They shared/lent a set to a player, that in-turn basically somehow "hacked" the set.
That other person "returned" that said set, to the "initial" owner..  Enough said!

In game communication can only show so much!.. Where as other social media means of communication, the t3 staff CLEARLY can not "Police"..
However, that person flat out admitted in his/her own original message that they dealt with someone that hacked up a set of gear!

That initial person tries to claim that they're so innocent?? So because they said that they're innocent over the internet, they must be believed??
Because after all, if it's said on the internet, it's clearly true!...

Get over such bs people.. learn to read between the lines so to say!

Ya'll know that I haven't logged any of my 3 chars (:-!) in a good several months now..
I have those 3 (:-!) 80-uni sets that are all 3 (:-!) +9.. would you believe me come later today if I magically posted here that I finally logged in again, and all those sets were magically full cored +12??? lol... (obviously not going to happen, just pointing out the obvious bs)..

Over all though, it's always been in the rules, (however worded exactly).. hacking/scamming = ban, associated with hacking/scamming = ban!.. That simple!

Did the person immediately send in a "Ticket" right after getting that set back?? Of course not...
Yet they simply could/should've.. something along the lines of "UGH!! Sorry, I lent this set "......" to someone I considered a friend, and this is how I got it back, can you please return it back to the state I lent it to them as??? I honestly had nothing to do with this!"... Obviously not!.. Because they were in on the whole hack!

General Discussion / Re: Moderator Message
« on: Today at 03:19:04 am »

A mod may not delete topic but you can move it. Any spam posts should be moved into Spam sub-section under Mod's Lounge. Same apply to comments. You need to read every comments made and edit/move the comments on your discretion based on the forum rules. If the whole comments is negative, use split function and separate the comments into a new thread and then move the thread to the other sub-section in mod's lounge.

Hope that helps. Feel free to hit me if you have anything to ask.

edit -
Why are you using a new forum account? We used to used our personal account  so that users would know us both in forum and in game.

"Used to Used" is the key words there... Now we officially know, it was the former mods that forced t3 into scam boxes!! lmfao

Heck, I could make up, blame mods, etc. so to say.. all purely made up of course though, and all in fun just to harass ya's, and any/all
remaining players from "back then".. So needless to say, don't take offense to that.. simply just a joke..

But it is odd on the whole "Not forum name/IGN" kind of Scenario..  after all, Forum Mods here, getting announced by/as their Forum "Names"..
Admins/Devs/GMs/Whom-dah-derr-elseses n'd all, dun treatsing us az weez cantz reedz n dat shizzle nowz yo!"... 

By the way, I still want my back pay for being the Forum Mod. for over a year now as it is..
Consider yourselves lucky having the forum mod that is in place now. Because if Scooter was elected
I would've had his arse arrested! :-!

General Discussion / Re: Dont OverPay For Your Set (2017-2018 Buying Guide)
« on: September 20, 2017, 03:00:16 am »
One serious question though..

How come GBs are even shown in the pricing's here??

Or on the vice-versa.. why were tcoin pricing showing on the list??

All in all, just tells me that it's more of an OLD compiled price listing, dating back to when t3 & Gpot hosted versions.
Making it a vast list for people way back when..  Right??

Which we all know now, that tcoin pricing of igg has MAJORLY jumped! Unfortunately...

So all in all, does anyone have any form of an IGG Pricing guide for players? :-!

I mean.. after all, it is going on 24hrs now of that post, blatantly in General here.. of either whatever full movie, or perhaps just a trailer..
Either way.. why is it even still there??

Events / Re: [EVENT] Regain the Power
« on: September 14, 2017, 08:06:51 pm »
In other words, it's clearly not a way to entice former players to come back.

From what I get of this, at the time this "Event" Ends.. which was the end of august, or should have been.
Since it was posted as an August "event" (be sure to use that term lightly around here these days folks)..

But to sum it up, you had to be lvl 99, and a member of whatever nation was selected as "lead nation" for the last week of August.
Which clearly, as we all know, the whole "-Reward will be given (7) days after the event period"
Means nothing more than that it was just another falsified "event", open door ended, etc. etc..

General Discussion / Re: (CLOSED) Hiring for new Forum Moderator
« on: September 13, 2017, 04:03:23 am »
IGN: Many

I Visit the forums here a lot, though just the general mostly, and check to see on
any/possible new events posted.

Game wise, Nope, haven't actually logged into the game in months.
Because I'm waiting on a "Returning Player Event".. (more so than a lot of others are).. (we can't mess up our log-in dates, just do it already, make the rewards worth it too.. (7th anni. sets for all, 30 day caes.. Enriched Extracts, etc.. lmfao).

Oh, and I should be a Forum Mod, so I can get those free tcoins, and whatever that other crap you said.

I'm good at giving people the facts, rather than letting them state their opinions!
After all, if we wanted their opinion, we'd give it to them!

Vote for Slamspigs!.. You're Forum Moderator!!!
Because if you don't, We'll put you in the Slammer.. you pig!

(How could I possibly not win now? :-!)

General Discussion / Aika Daily Quest Event??
« on: September 13, 2017, 03:54:18 am »
I know I'm half in the bag so to say, still drinking a beer right now..
But correct me if I'm wrong here.. 7, 8, 11???

I'm actually checking the born on/freshest by date that budweiser puts on cans now..
I'll even double check the size of the nikes I'm wearing, that I bought off of one of the other forum threads..

But is this a joke??? Why did 7 suddenly get to 11?? Because 7 Ate 9 and 10???   

GET RETURNING PLAYER BACK ALREADY!!! (And make sure it's in time frame of all.. oh.. I mean my one account! :-!)

General Discussion / Re: Winners of "Events" these days.....
« on: September 13, 2017, 03:44:24 am »
I'm sure your message is very good. Get a lot of benefits

^forums alt?  :o

No, I just mistaken which forum account I was logged in on.. lmfao... heck, I can't even try to make any sense of that from there..
(other than obviously wanting to act like that was me that posted that previous comment/post.. clearly not me though)..

But yeah, inquiring minds want to know??

Events / Re: Blackie The Blacksmith
« on: September 07, 2017, 01:35:58 am »

General Discussion / Re: FIX THE FORUMS ALREADY!!!!
« on: September 01, 2017, 01:41:04 am »
Might as well give up on selling the damn 80+9 uni sets.. Who out there wants some free sets?? lol
(Don't quote me on that.. or even try to hold me to the whole free bit.. you skaggering heathens! lmfao)..

Events / Re: EVENT Boost Festival
« on: August 28, 2017, 05:26:59 am »
Id like to make a cash donation for this event, how would I go about doing that?


General Discussion / Re: AIKA, a dying game?
« on: August 19, 2017, 12:46:00 am »
Woah!!! I didn't have to do that whole "captcha" bull**** for that post/response!! I'll be damned! lol

lets try this.......
(shows for me) maybe once you get past 10 posts or something?

I'm thinking it's once you get passed" a certain number of posts. Which probably is 10.. either way, was definitely annoying!!! lol

General Discussion / Re: just coming back, whats new?
« on: August 19, 2017, 12:43:06 am »
Does anyone know if the sneakers and shoes that are being sold here through forums lately
come with move-speed built in?? Or will we have to farm for xtals for them??

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