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Suggestions / Food for Thought
« on: January 07, 2018, 11:08:45 am »
I think I may have thought of one good way to help boost things for the players benefit mostly.

A lot of games have hackNslash play style which is actually nice because you can lvl quicker in these type games. Now this would be implemented in Aika to only the PVE (not the channel but just that type of game play as it were). So keep the skills and everything stat wise for the players the same. You will need to adjust the enemies HP, Def, Atk, and so on accordingly to allow players to lvl push through quicker. Add more maps and enemies and so one to expand the experience for the players. This will affect a couple things. One it will allow players to not be intimidated by this older game when they start seeing they feel like they are working up much quicker like most modern day games do. 2ndly players will not be so dependent on the grind stage of things. Now to move on further you should then increase the drop rate of certain items and increase the reinforcement rate of equipment. So now 3rdly we can allow players to not only lvl faster on there own and decrease events for equipment and decrease the need to farm gold to buy tcoins and to buy tcoins in general because things wont be so difficult to achieve this. Now I mentioned earlier that this was mostly to benefit the players, this is true because (you may want to sit down for this one) you guys have kept these things the way they are to force players into buying tcoins. Everything you have done has been to achieve this and the events you use to "help" players is actually only hurting yourself. There are many bugs that cause glitching/lagging and these things are at this point in the games existence purely inexcusable. Period. So fix these things immediately and stop adding and adjusting features of the game to suit your pockets lining and supporting the players that say to make the game easier do to the decline in amount of players. Changing the game to be easier for less players in game is just shooting yourself in the foot. It is backwards thinking at its finest. lol So ignore the harsher parts if you need but know that there could be more to what I suggested that would only improve the situation but this is a simple, quick, not at all methodical piece, I just wrote up... 

PS: We need your trust, so get things done

Universal Marketplace / B>WR arma set +12 up to 500mil
« on: January 07, 2018, 10:04:19 am »
I edited my IGN, I forgot the capital M and R lol

400mil with bad or no enchants and 500mil if all good enchants

IGN: MehRoberto
Nation: Feo

send message to my char above or pm him please do not message here lol

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