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Lenaria / LMA recruiting
« on: January 20, 2018, 01:00:36 pm »
LMA is recruiting all active players. Must participate in raid or defense.

Suggestions / Enable Zerecka Coin Drops an Make the Permanent
« on: January 12, 2018, 11:52:52 am »
Should GMs enable Zerecka Coin drops AND make the permenant? OR should they just enable them for a short time?

Cleric / Buttons' Guide for New Clerics(Recommendations/Changes Welcome)
« on: November 26, 2017, 12:49:39 pm »
Learn your class. Read Each Skill Description Carefully. Play Styles may vary.

Skill Guide


Attack: Basically Wand Smack.

Return: Returns you to Regen(Lakia), Colony Landing(Disceroa), Epheso(Traband), Save Point(Karena). CD is about 30 mins.

Insight: Good for finding Rifleman and Duel Gunner. Also can take off Divine Ward by 1 Tick, and can drop Side Step and Parry.

Purify: OP Skill. Purifies one debuff. Can be used on yourself or someone else. In PvP, always spam purify on the carrier and/or DPS.

Tier 1

Holy Arrow: Forced Point. Has a really high cast time, don't really use it once you get Holy Tempest.

Cure: I don't really use cure, mainly cause I don't like the high cast time.

Angel Armor: Great for lower levels. Not great in PvP cause it doesn't defend much against physical attacks. Can be castigated off.

Bless: If you're a PVE Cleric, Mass Bless is alright for a little more Damage in Traband/Disceroa. This can be your choice. No points or Max. Can be castigated off.

Rejuvenate: Max points. Can be castigated Off.

Resurrect: This should be Maxed. Even if you're a PvE Cleric, if you're in a party with someone and they die, you should resurrect them.

Tier 2

Haste: No longer needed because speed potions have replaced it. Can be castigated off.

Holy Signet: 1 point. Helps down temple stones faster since it turns everything into demon-types for a short time and prevents HP Regeneration. In PvE you can max it if you want but the damage over time isn't that great. Can be purified off.

Exalt: Max points. Increases your heal rate

Shroud of Turin: Max points. Increases your buff time to 30 mins.

Healing Corona: Only useful in ATC. This skill has a high cast time. Only 1 point at low levels, once you're 90, I'd get rid of this skill and put the point elsewhere. Can be castigated off.

Holy Tempest: Cleric's main attacking skill. Has short CD and is an Area Of Effect skill. I normally keep this at 8 for PvP and Max for PvE. Note: The higher the level, the more MP you use. Max Tempest uses a LOT of Mana.

Tier 3

Rapture: Mana regeneration isn't that great. I don't use it. Can be castigated off

Holy Intervention: I use 1 point to this, can go higher if you want. Recovers a certain percentage(depending on skill level) of HP after so many seconds. Can be castigated off.

Deperate Prayer: This skill makes you immune to all skills, but you can't cast any skills until the skill expires. This is great to get you out of any tight spots if your HP is Low. Great for relic carrying. Some Clerics max it, some put 1 point. I don't use it.

Castigate: Great for PvP, Max. Can be useful for PvE against some various Boss Types, only 1 point for PvE.

Archangel's Light: Boosts Damage against Undead and Demon Times. Pair with Holy Signet and the damage is awesome.
 Always Max, it's great against temple stones with Holy Signet Debuff. Can be castigated off.

Revelation: High Cast Time Heal Skill, but also purifies off debuffs. I don't use it, but your choice.

Tier 4

Archangel's Blade: Increases Crit Rate and Crit Damage. Always Max. Can be castigated off.

Iron Will: Increases stun resistance. Always Max, even Monsters stun.

Aika's Grace: Recovers MP/HP and Makes you immune from all attacks(Except for Villainy Proc) for few seconds. Always Max.

Holy Shield: Much Like Angelic Armor, it doesn't defend much for magical attacks. Can be castigated off.

Penance: Increases Heal Rate for Heal Skills with a high cast time. Works with Devine Sermon basically. 1 point.

Devine Sermon: 1 point or Max. Heals and purfies over time in a decent size radius.

Tier 5

Exorcism: Max. Deals a lot of damage. Plus deals 150% Damage against Demonds/Undead. Area of Effect Skill.

Holy Water: Creates a potion that gives HP/MP, and gives you a Buff that increases defenses and attacks for a short time.
 Only 1 potion of each level can be in your inventory at one time. Can be traded to other people.

Glory Flowers: Max. Heals everyone within a certain radius, over time. Can be castigated off.

Enhanced Cure: Max. Heals you, creates a buff that increases all heals for a short time. Can be castigated off.

Soul Gem: Creates a buff that will instantly revive you when you die. Kind of like resurrect, but for yourself. I only put 1 point,
 you can cast skills upon revival. Any level higher than Lvl 1, and it glitches and you can't cast skills. Can be casted on other players. Can be castigated off.

Merciful Eden: Area of Effect Skill that castigates off 1 skill every second and deals damage per hit. Max

Dixit Dominus: Deals a lot of damage and stuns for 1 second. Max.

Gear Guide

Low Level

If you're low on funds, this tier is alright, but very squishy in PvP at this level cap.

For PvP:
+9 or +10 Dawn Set

For PvE:
+9 or +10 Arma Set

High Level

If you're a cash shopper, or if you have farmed a really long time.

For PvP:
Ruined Villainy Set Or Resolute Conquerors Set

For PvE:
Brilliant Villainy Set or Mystic Villainy Set


For PvP:
This varies, can go 95 Honor Accessories for the resistances.
Can go Awakened set, 95 Zerecka Set, or Pran Flowers.

For PvE: 6th Anni set or 7th Anni set. Demon Hunter set is still good because of the Demon Damage boost.

Final thoughts:

My Suggestion for Clerics -

Skill build I posted above.

Lvl 90+ PvP:

All stat points to Constitution.

Ruined Villainy Set +12 enchanted with Crit Resist 8+/Move Speed 4/Double Attack Resist 6+ on armors and Crit Damage 10+/Crit Attack 6+/Cool Down 8%+ on weapon.

Awakened Morrventra Ring/Necklace with Pran Flower Ring/Necklace with Cool Down 4+/Stun Resist 6%+/Crit 4+

Or 95 honor accessories with  Stun Resist 6%+/Silence Resist 6%+/CD 4%+

Blue Mount Defense with Crit Resist 10+ x3

Air Pran
Con/Nation Damage Decrease/int on all pran clothes

Rank S Defense Stone with defense enchants.

Lvl 90+ PvE

All stat points to spirit.

Brilliant Villainy +12 with Demon Damage Reduce 6%/Crit Resist 8+/Move Speed 4 on armors and Crit Damage 10+/Crit Attack 6+/(Either Demon Damage 24% or Cool Down 8%+).

Accessories: 6th Anni or 7th Anni or Demon Hunter Set with Crit 4/Spirit/Cool Down 4%.

Blue Attack Mount with Skill Attack Enchants.

Fire Pran with Spirit/Con/Int.

Rank AA Attack Stone with Attack based enchants.

Nothing, can't find a pally no point in staying in game as LM.

Nothing cause no one has what I want.

Pally Ruined with 3 parts OC
+8/10/8/8/9/8 NOrmal enchants.
BTS SKin + Solar blade & shield.

C/O: None
B/O: idk

CL Cored Dawn
ms 4/crit resist 8/con 8 on armors int 18/cd8/crit damage 16 on wand.
Skins: Black Headband/Black Blaze/Wand has no skin.

C/O: None
B/O: idk

Noble Aika Stone Lvl 2
Dodge 6/Stun Resist 4%/Silence Resist 4%
C/O: None
B/O: idk

Ring and Necklace of Awakened Morrv with Crit 4/free/free

C/O: None
B/O: idk

Mark Refinement Guarantee AA = 15mil per.

Message me, names are in my signature.

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