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B>noble zereka stone lvl 10 or higher pay 60 to 70k gb depends on lvl and enchants, if stone has good enchants i can pay up to 100k gb
S>7th premium earring for 25k gb

1st acc has cd4,  int10, mag dmg 100 on it
2nd acc has cd4, crit 4, str 8
3rd acc has cd 4, crit 4, int 8

S>6th with str 8 for 15k gb and rest for 10k gb
 S>dodge 4 for acc x2 for 10k gb

+9 rm chest not fully set.. just chest oced and clean for 20k gb

S>craft hammer AA x5
S>craft hammer S x3
S>Mark's refinement Guarantee [A]  x144
S>Mark's Combination Guarantee [A]  x60

S>CD 8 weapon
S> CD 10 weapon
S> Crit  16 dmg  weapon
S>Crit 8 weapon
S>pvp dmg inc 250 weapon
S>Double atk 10 weapon

S>crit resist 10 for mount
S> DA 8 for mount

S>mystic rm villainy chest +9 clean. for 20k gb
S>onyx 90-99 x480

Universal Marketplace / S>Pally resolute full +12, best enchanted
« on: September 02, 2017, 07:44:43 am »
like a tittle says S> pally resolute set
armor has resist12, da10, crit dmg 10%
weap crit16, da10, cd 10

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