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The person that made that post said it best.. They shared/lent a set to a player, that in-turn basically somehow "hacked" the set.
That other person "returned" that said set, to the "initial" owner..  Enough said!

In game communication can only show so much!.. Where as other social media means of communication, the t3 staff CLEARLY can not "Police"..
However, that person flat out admitted in his/her own original message that they dealt with someone that hacked up a set of gear!

That initial person tries to claim that they're so innocent?? So because they said that they're innocent over the internet, they must be believed??
Because after all, if it's said on the internet, it's clearly true!...

Get over such bs people.. learn to read between the lines so to say!

Ya'll know that I haven't logged any of my 3 chars (:-!) in a good several months now..
I have those 3 (:-!) 80-uni sets that are all 3 (:-!) +9.. would you believe me come later today if I magically posted here that I finally logged in again, and all those sets were magically full cored +12??? lol... (obviously not going to happen, just pointing out the obvious bs)..

Over all though, it's always been in the rules, (however worded exactly).. hacking/scamming = ban, associated with hacking/scamming = ban!.. That simple!

Did the person immediately send in a "Ticket" right after getting that set back?? Of course not...
Yet they simply could/should've.. something along the lines of "UGH!! Sorry, I lent this set "......" to someone I considered a friend, and this is how I got it back, can you please return it back to the state I lent it to them as??? I honestly had nothing to do with this!"... Obviously not!.. Because they were in on the whole hack!

I mean.. after all, it is going on 24hrs now of that post, blatantly in General here.. of either whatever full movie, or perhaps just a trailer..
Either way.. why is it even still there??

General Discussion / Aika Daily Quest Event??
« on: September 13, 2017, 03:54:18 am »
I know I'm half in the bag so to say, still drinking a beer right now..
But correct me if I'm wrong here.. 7, 8, 11???

I'm actually checking the born on/freshest by date that budweiser puts on cans now..
I'll even double check the size of the nikes I'm wearing, that I bought off of one of the other forum threads..

But is this a joke??? Why did 7 suddenly get to 11?? Because 7 Ate 9 and 10???   

GET RETURNING PLAYER BACK ALREADY!!! (And make sure it's in time frame of all.. oh.. I mean my one account! :-!)

Lenaria / Lenaria!!!
« on: August 16, 2017, 04:46:36 pm »
If you're a new player, lvl 10+ I will PK yo' arse!.. For no reason whatsoever!

By the way...


General Discussion / FIX THE FORUMS ALREADY!!!!
« on: August 16, 2017, 04:40:18 pm »


  Anyone else that may be running into issues of getting the activation mail to your GMail..

  If you haven't already, just simply change to a different email that you have.. that's what finally worked for me.. :-!

  Activation link wasn't going ANYWHERE to my gmail, not spam, not instant trash, not social, etc etc..

  Hope this is of help for at least 1 other person.. (Hopefully several more, hundreds or so)... because forums sure look pretty darn dead! lol

 (I'll be stuck redoing my forum sig, etc later.. ugh)

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