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General Discussion / Need New Cosmetics Items In CashShop..
« on: January 08, 2018, 10:10:02 pm »
the title says it all we need new cosmetics in the form of female bikini..or u know ninja suit :D make it happen GMs i'm bored trying to look up cleric dresses i need something more!!!!

General Discussion / IS WATER WET
« on: December 21, 2017, 03:27:44 pm »

Universal Marketplace / S> pally oc ruin set
« on: December 10, 2017, 03:33:57 pm »
T>pally lvl 99 max exp with 95h for wr/wl/dg in 95h/90uni SOLD

Pally OC Ruin set 7/11/7/8/11/8 with the following enchantments
Crit Resist12/Ms4/- Crit damage 10 (Armor)
CD8%/Crit rate8/Crit damage 16

C/O 180k     B/O ????

6th acces set, with the following enchantments


Full +12 Pally 95 honor set Crule

B> Full +10 or higher warr Ruined set

LoveMeYourMine is selling a Vermerio Blazer RM Set, Selling it for the highest offers to 200-400k GB name  " LoveMeYourMine " <--- Aika Nation Ostarion PM him in game offer and junk

General Discussion / Why are People So Slow?
« on: November 07, 2017, 01:25:16 pm »
today i was running away from a full +12 Warr why was i running? i'm lvl 68 :P took him 5 mins to kill me and i had 62Ms and he had 70Ms...again...why are people so slow the Slow warr i'm talking about is Super8chi

okay what i'm getting at is if GBs don't come back for a few weeks and were forced to use GOLD to buy our set.. how are we going to be able to farm all that Gold because even if 10k Gbs are being sold for 900mil and you need about 350-400k GBs to buy that set it will most about 31.5-36 bil... i'm pretty sure we can't hold that all in our bags...or i may be wrong forever poor on aika lol....anyways it's that or 360,000 checks of 100k and i know for a fact we can't fit that into bag 80 slots..Do u guys think the Prices will change slightly because of we can't use GBs or no??? answer below

General Discussion / Why does T3fun/Our Event Suck..
« on: November 02, 2017, 09:30:14 am »
I'm honestly just asking why are we getting garbage events...the other aika(s) are giving away Iphone x(s) and long as u remember to exchange your dropped event item for GBs before the month is over.... What do you guys get? more Experience points even tho almost everyone is at 99. An Halloween candy boxes and a Metamorphosis Potion...You get Unfair event like Ranking master just a DPS check.. where the players with the best gear will wins...and the dumbest thing about that event is "1st Rank players will receive (10pcs) ['S'] Enriched Pellurite Jackpot Box and (10pcs) ['S']Enriched Rubicine Jackpot Box" they are giving away items to improve their gear..i put money in it the winner will be some Random person that noone heard of Full +12 Rm/Pally/Warr that most likely marco or hacked to get there numbers up

Universal Marketplace / BUY +10/12 Pally honor set
« on: October 01, 2017, 01:56:07 pm »
Buying +10/12 pally cored Honor set anything besides cruel also +12 Pally ruin set will do... any weird over priced offers will be ignored willing to pay in GBs Or T-coins

Msg me on Forum/Facebook

Universal Marketplace / B> 200k GB need to pay back a friend
« on: September 25, 2017, 07:13:35 pm »
Title says it all buying em with T-coin only MSG ME here or on fb :D :D: :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D: HAPPY FACE SPAM! ?FJ 'sdkjng 'lKSDNG 'LKsdng

Paladin / DontEatMyOreo's Pally Build 101
« on: September 13, 2017, 01:18:33 pm »
I Been a pally for 8 Years so who is better to tell u about pallies then me... here are the 4 pally Build that i will update this later because....well... work and fapping..

Okay okay...Paladins are good at holding the front line and protecting their teammates...(but no one uses those skills) from otherwise lethal attacks. Their abilities offer a shield and have high amounts of health and defensive abilities which allows them to sponge enemy shots. Tanks are great at holding Relics  and offer their teammates opportunities to infiltrate the zone while enemy players try to break their defensive wall. (As in a Pally rushing tab chock to allow others to weaker players to pass by.. Or running into a temple and taking most of the heavy hits allowing players to down stone more quickly)  that being a pally Dont Go all Out on DPS!!!! we were not made for that the best Options for any pally is Overpowering DEF...they can't win a fight if they are spamming 1k damage on someone with the right build...
Something to keep in mind 8 Phy def = 1 less taking damage for every 8000 Pdef u have players will hit 1k less on's a waste of time using any skill that offers you more Pdef the points for something else..

STR Pally

CON Pally

HyBrid Pally

Dex Pally

Suggestions / New management..
« on: September 10, 2017, 11:29:49 am »
We need better management in form of GM and the people that take care of tickets..this game has little to no one playing..why does it take 5 days to get to a ticket?? Players getting banned for what seems like little to no reason...with no proof of what they did wrong that's some next level of bs... GM seems to be inactive doing nothing but finding out new way to make the events worst every month..I'm starting to believe it's a passive skill.. get new management because this game been going down hill once it was sold to t3fun.... or sell aika to another company one that knows what it's doing...

General Discussion / What's wrong with Aika nowadayz
« on: September 09, 2017, 11:06:33 pm »
GMs are banning players left and right because, we have dumb player out there not knowing how to animation cancel... Once they see a good player Animation canceling they start QQing and spam reporting..Or when they can't keep up to a player they take out their Cam and try to stalk them..I talked to countless players in aika and they don't even know what a FPS is...the porting you people are talking about when it comes to some player may just be ur crappy computer dropping under 30 fps.. and yes xeagor recording will drop your FPS...((UNLESS YOU HAVE A 150-200 dollar capture card))...I highly doubt most people on aika have a GPU in their pc...Frankly i don't think GMs know what they are doing.. If they did most if not all RM would be banned for using Marco... keep in mind it was a GMs that was selling the dupped sets for real money... Can't really put ur trust in them for banning the right people...because they are the same people that will sell duped stuff and turn around and ban you for it..

General Discussion / Who is Oreo now :O
« on: September 06, 2017, 05:15:35 pm »
I can be found in Feo and Osty

Suggestions / Price monitor
« on: August 25, 2017, 01:02:07 pm »
1. Pricing Monitor

For my info look at my suggestion "aika need to change...or die"

Suggestions / Aika need to change....Or die
« on: August 23, 2017, 02:36:04 pm »
i'm just going to start by listing a few thing that i would like to see changed in aika.. Later on i will go back i explain why they need to change.. i will be giving the pros and cons of each thing listed before i start a poll on each one.. i'm well aware that alone i can do little to nothing to make changes in aika so, we will all have to come together and make a vote on what we want and what we don't want..i highly doubt we would be ignored if everyone in the game wants the same thing...

1. Pricing Monitor

i think almost everyone in aika will agree with this that we need someone to Monitor the prices in aika..Because over the year i brought countless numbers of players into aika and they all left..not because of the pvp or lack of players it's because the pricing in this game.. is just cancer...and we need someone to monitor and tell player what they should be paying for items because.... 1.3Bil for 10k GBS....STOP THIS BS!!! I don't think players realize they are just forcing them self to work a lot harder for nothing! 1 LCE run = 1mil - 1.5mil maybe one of the best dungeon to make money if your soloing...  that will take you over 600 runs to make 10k Gbs...Lets say ur op af and using some next kind of speed hack and your able to do that dungeon in 5 mins. it will take you 5min x 600 = 2 days none-stop no sleep to make  10k GB.. stuff like this is why aika's new players don't stick around inflated prices are scaring them away... GBs are not worth that much... a year ago GBs were 80mil per 10k

2. Relic timer

the timer for relics need to be cut in half or better yet 2/3... i say this because having 6 hour timer for relic gives this game way to much down time.. ALOT of player log in look when relics are unbound and afk till that time.. this causes the whole aika to look inactive and dead.. little to no one play aika because they want to spend time doing pve... it's why everyone rushes to level and get their gear not to farm but to fight others and the  6 hour timers takes that away from players.. is why i'm suggesting the relic timer need to be cut in half or lowered in any way..

3. New texture pack

little to nothing really need to be said on why we need a new texture pack for aika.. aika been around from late 2008 and looks like it was made in 2004.. this game is long overdue for a texture update..and who know maybe it will attract some new comer..

4. Drop rate

just going to be honest with you guys here... the drop rate for aika online suck.. there is no other way around it..i been playing this game for years on end.. if i wasn't told cores can drop outside of a dungeon i wouldn't even know. and i killed over 10000 Mobs easy and nothing..the drop rate in this game is way to makes farming in this game just cancer.. Drop rate needs to change because from what i seen and told.. it seems like aika has a drop rate of 0.00000000001% and that's if your lucky.. i would like to see and i'm sure when i say this everyone would like to see drop rate be increased by 30% to 50%...because even with the mark of hunter on you still don't get anything.

5. Events

most if not the event are blah...and cause more harm than good to the game... because of the event we been having over the year prices has gone up.... because events will drop item like crit resist 10 and give players no other way to get items like that unless they spend money in cash shop..making gold 100% useless in the game... we need event that reward players in EXP, Untradeable items, Monthly skins that can only be won from a event...all items besides skins should be able to drop from mobs..

6. Reinforcement rate

okay...this again... let me just start by adding this... the current Reinforcement rate
Current level 90 Reinforcement Rate                       What We want the Reinforcement Rate to Be

level 90 armor plus +1   100%                                level 90 armor plus +1   100%
level 90 armor plus +2   100%                                level 90 armor plus +2   100%
level 90 armor plus +3   100%                                level 90 armor plus +3   100%
level 90 armor plus +4   40%                                  level 90 armor plus +4   90%
level 90 armor plus +5   38%                                  level 90 armor plus +5   80%
level 90 armor plus +6   36%                                  level 90 armor plus +6   70%
level 90 armor plus +7   19%                                  level 90 armor plus +7   60%
level 90 armor plus +8    4%                                   level 90 armor plus +8   50%
level 90 armor plus +9    1%                                   level 90 armor plus +9   40%
level 90 armor plus +10  1%                                   level 90 armor plus +10  30%
level 90 armor plus +11  1%                                   level 90 armor plus +11  20%
level 90 armor plus +12  1%                                   level 90 armor plus +12  10%
on top of that i know everyone would like to be shown the percentage chance they have of reinforce/ plus their gear... what i'm suggesting here is for the plusin rate of all armor and weapon to be changed. there is NO con to this all players would benifit from it and players won't quit over failing to plus a armor part for the 80th time..

7. Temples/Guards

Needless to say...but i'm gonna have to say it...Temples and guards need more DPS and more Health it's 99 cap and players are hitting well over 100K melting temple and the guards in seconds..not only that but the guards around the temple should be able to detect the following skills, Predator and stealth.. me and the whole of aika is sick and tired of 1 rifleman being able to Open all the temples because of Stealth and Predator..what use to be a Fun raid and defence is turned into a boring game of hide and seek..all the guards should be able to detect rifleman..temple guards should be given a slowing effect of 5 seconds...Temples also need a 5 second timer when someone is trying to pull a relic this will hopefully stop players from solo pulling and causing problems like resetting while raiding/defending...

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