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Universal Marketplace / Cruel RM FS +12
« on: April 12, 2017, 11:16:00 pm »
Cruel RM Full +12
armors : ms4, crit res 10, pvp dec 60
wpn : crit16, crit rate 8, cd10

Mail me here
B/O 450k tcoin
Buyer provide merc
offer in tcoins only

Universal Marketplace / Selling Everything I have (WR and RM sets)
« on: January 03, 2017, 11:40:46 am »
Level 95 Rifleman Honor Cored [Cruel Conqueror]

Level 90 Rifleman Overcored [Mystic] FS +12 SOLD

Level 90 Rifleman Overcored [Brilliant]

Level 95 Warrior Honor Cored [Resolute Conqueror]

Level 90 Warrior Overcored [Brilliant]

ETC (Pran Crystals, Crystals, Mountstones and others)

PM me here
Stupid offers will be ignored
Open to negotiation

Buying List

MC for Accessory - PATT 70
MC for Accessory - CD 6%
MC for Accessory - Crit 6
MC for Accessory - Stun Resist 6%
MC for Accessory - Silence Resist 6%
Enriched Rub S 3%/5%/10%

Selling List

Enriched Pel S 10%

Offer here or Look for Mustachetrophe in Feonir

WTS: Level 95 warrior (Maxed EXP) with blue mount (DEF)
comes with Honor 85 not cored +8 + 8 + 7 + 7 +8wpn

pm NeZuMi87 / iEurydice / Palipha in Aleth

Universal Marketplace / NeZuMi87's Buying & Selling Corner
« on: April 19, 2016, 11:00:27 am »

General Discussion / Magically appeared sets and Farewell
« on: March 30, 2016, 01:28:57 am »
Its been over 2 years since i started playing in Aika NA.
Met with many great people in the game.
I've been to all nation (except Feo)
Some regard me as a Wanderer.

Most of the lma (in the nations ive been in) really puts in effort to keep their nation strong/active.
When i was in osty, SeijuroHiko/Takemaru/evilstash put in alot of effort to keep Osty strong
Aleth : Xeagor trying his best to keep aleth as active and strong (Dont mind his trolling, hes ok actually)
Lenaria : Kira was the lm during that time, she tries her best too with the little people we had
Vanov : I met Rytannia/Victory/Neko/Orbon/Saint/Daboss, i believe this is the best lma i've work with so far.

Majority of the players are nice and friendly.
You cant escape from clashing into those idiotic ones.
Every nation would bound to have their own rotten apples.
Not going to mention who. My friends would have known them by now *laughs*

During the majority of the time, GM did well in managing the servers.
They were active in making events and monitoring the community.
But things started to turn bad about a few weeks/months back.
We were able to notice that GM isn't as active as before.

Hacks issue were getting out of control.
OP Sets (90 overcored full/almost full +12) appears magically.
When we reported abt this, it was told that they are legit sets.
It doesnt make sense at all.
We all know there was one full +12 Mystic overcored set PL in the game.
And it belongs to rebelrus.
So how did HyacinthBabe got her full +12 Mystic OC PL set.
Mind you GM said its legit set.
More set start to appear magically again.
Latest HyacinthBabe wearing almost full +12 ruined overcored set.

Hence, I started to think and look at the current scenario.
The only way for a set to legit and appeared magically is for a GM to create the items.
I faced a scenario where my items were stuck in a glitched merc.
Hence, GM is unable to fix it so they created a new of items to replace them.
Think about it.
It is very concerning indeed.
GM creating items and selling it to players for Real Money Trade?
And if u guys noticed too, we had a sudden change of new GM.
Why did this happened?
Is it too coincidence that it happen?
My 2 cent opinion, please propose to developers to improve on how the database is manage.
Probably its best to be able to indicate whether this item has been created by GM and ticket number for reference (meaning including 2 additional attribute for ur database, Items)

No disrespect to the current lma of these nations, but i feel DragonCN Guild and HyacinthBabe have just destroyed the game with their own bare hands.
Its sad that ive known many players that have put in alot of efforts to make their sets.
Personally, I'm feeling very disappointed with what had happened.
Probably this is no longer AikaNA that we used to know but has converted to Aika Private Server where players pays Corrupted GM to get OP Sets.

Its been nice knowing you guys!
Take care all!

The Pink Warrior

WTT : 7 enriched rub S for your Enriched Rub S 10%

pm me NeZuMi87 in Aleth
Nezzieee in Vanov

Game Issues / Buying Tcoin issues from T3FUN Website
« on: August 09, 2015, 02:59:55 am »
Dear admins,

Please take a look at this thread.
Multiple users facing some issues with this.
We bought tcoins via the official website of Aika T3FUN.
We were charged (money deducted from our accounts) but the t3coins were not creditted in (It did not even appear in the history of T3fun purchase)

Universal Marketplace / --NeZuMi87's Quitting Sale--
« on: June 27, 2015, 11:08:58 pm »


RM Arma Cored Set 7 7 7 7 12wpn B/O 200k GB

CL Sage Set 5/5 Full Set +12 B/O 80k GB

Celeb Set Enchanted with Crit 4 Cd4% Str 8 

Fear Resist 6% for Accessory x 1
PvP Decrease Damage 60 for Accessory x 3
Health 8 for Accessory x 4

Pran Star Str 6 x 3
Pran Star Con 6 x 4
Pran Moon Crit 4

Mail me here or OneToOne in Vanov

Game Issues / Latency vs our skills
« on: June 22, 2015, 08:00:21 am »
In every mmorpg, this has always been an issue. Known/popular mmoprg games like Aika have many gamers playing from around the world. We have players from Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Brazil, Belgium, US and many more.Technically, these people would have different amount of latency.  Depending on your ISP and location, it will naturally gets higher as you live further from server location.

Hence, i need your views on this matter. Personally i experienced that even tho i have casted my skill, the skill will only execute a few seconds later

Best regards,

Trading my 8 enriched pel S to 12 enriched rub s

pm me here

Message me here. Quantity and price!

Universal Marketplace / WTS : LVL 90 WL BOOTS DIY
« on: April 23, 2015, 08:43:59 am »
will be sold to the highest offer
auction ends on saturday 9am server time!

Universal Marketplace / SOLD
« on: April 19, 2015, 11:12:48 am »
will be sold to the highest offer!

auction ends this coming Wednesday 22nd April 2015 : 9 am server time

Current offer:
1) 380m AeQekki -- Sold
2) 375m NekoYukiyo
3) 370m iPas
4) 360m uknown
5) 350m bembyte
6) 290m AeQekki
7) 275m TamtAsWh0Re in feonir
8) 200m Jeremiah

Universal Marketplace / wts: mystic cores
« on: March 13, 2015, 10:04:56 am »




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