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Our Aika is Aika North American, in short, AikaNA was meant to be played by NA people. However with time passing, we were slowly accepting players from other region as well. We have NA, European, Brazilian, and a lot of South East Asian players. I suggest we make a change to satisfy the bigger player base and change into AIKAGlobal. But that is not the real thing I want to suggest about. I suggest we change the server location to somewhere in SEA. Perhaps to Singapore or Vietnam or China.

Below is my current ping at 3.00 pm my time (3.00 am server time)


Little quote from another thread breakdown
I will do a breakdown for you.

0:04 I click Spot weakness
0:07 Spot weakness get triggered

While it is casting I move to anican the Spot Weakness knowing that it will trigger later (after the loading of casting time : Spot weakness has cast time)

0:08 I spam click Eagle Eye while moving to anican as per said reason^
0:09 Eagle Eye get triggered

0:11 I click Stealth
0:13 Stealth get casted

0:32 I click Stun (Notice I got out of stealth instantly but the stun effect didnt trigger)
0:33 Stun effect triggered
Watch my cursor. I spam click ground while activating macro. Check my buff bar. I am still not stunned yet, so I should be doing damage, But your hp didn't go down yet because it is all delayed.

I died, you died. If delay wasn't my problem, I probably dont need macro, nor did I die in that video. I even changed target when I saw that RM, but ofc my data is delayed thus the rm didnt die. You died because my previous data of sending auto attack finally got sent to server.

I'm a student. As a part of the course work, I have to develop a system. Any sistem will do (including but not limited to website/software/phone app). I'm free to pick whatever system I want to make. I only know what I learn in class so I only knows html, php, vb, c, c++, c#, Java, and. NET programming languages. However I am willing to learn new languages if they are better suited.

The requirements are as follows :
1) uses database (I know SQL, and I use xampp, easyphp, mysql)
2) submit data, update, view, edit, query/search, and delete feature.

Yeah it's really simple, but I have no idea what system to make. I want it to be unique, creative and beneficial. Please share the love, give me some ideas!  Help me out!

Off-Topic Discussions / New version of Blue Mount
« on: October 18, 2014, 09:52:20 pm »

Universal Marketplace / BUY> Double Attack 8 + PVP dmg 240 weapon
« on: October 17, 2014, 02:49:14 am »
B> 10k GOLD BAR 100m-120m per or pm price.

B> RM 95 honor with weapon +12 atleast pm me your details and I will offer accordingly.

Paying in enriched/Superior S or gold if you want(need sell first).

Vanov / DAT +12!
« on: August 07, 2013, 10:27:52 am »

ThreePillars recruiting all AFKers, come join us and AFK with pride!

General Discussion / Status on Doubled Enchant value items
« on: August 07, 2013, 09:41:54 am »
As an update, those things can stay. There will only be one 90 cap implementation and enchantment system change so that error will not happen again.

Hello, as most of us has already noticed, we had some increase on enchantment value, but apparently items that was in auction house during the maintenance had all their enchantment value doubled. Until this issue is solved, please refrain from buying those items/gears to avoid any future difficulties. For those who owns those said items, please remove them off Auction House as soon as possible and wait for further notice.
Thank you.

Quote from GM regarding this issue.

Saw the first thread awhile ago, thanks for linking the 2nd. But we think for this one, the upgrades were intended on some of the stats/crystals.  :)  For the reports regarding the glitched auction house items though, we need to check up on that.  For now, sadly, maybe it would be wise to stay off the suspicious items first to prevent issues.

We'll keep you guys posted if there we're given stuff regarding this. :D  But for now, yah, SOME stat raises are intended.

Hnnn. I know some stats were intended to have been increased, we have to double check which were not.  For now, sadly, can we ask people to lay off the "suspicious" stuff to prevent issues?

We'll give updates as soon as possible regarding these. So sorry for the inconvenience. m ( _ _ ) m

Forum Q&A / Posting reply bug?
« on: June 27, 2013, 12:31:20 am »
uhhh anyone know why my forum reply post page turn to this? All the Forum Help like below shortcuts are missing
Code: [Select]
[img] or [url]

Ostyrion / MOVED: Osty is the epitome of...
« on: June 26, 2013, 10:24:01 am »

ITEM                                   QUANTITY                          PRICE
Superior Rubicine Extract S 10%40 Unit 15k GB per

15k tcoin Sky Regulus - 10k gb
20k tcoin Blood Maharaja Mount - 15k gb

Note : I am entitled to change any of the details without any prior notice. I am also entitled to cancel any bid when seem to have another plan for it.

We're very closely monitoring this. Got a little idea on why this is happening, but I can't share any info other than that. In any case, we may need to have another emergency server maintenance in a bit.

Eien, thank you for your response!

May I ask, what would be the best course of action in order to retrieve our lost items? Should I just send an e-mail...?

Yes, a Mail Inquiry will be needed for lost items due to this issue.

Might need to include some info on what to put there so that we can search it faster:
(Note: This is for the Mail Inquiry you will send! Don't post sensitive info like these on the forums! And Don't post/send passwords, EVER!!)
T3fun ID:
Character name:
Items/Gold lost:
Date and Time when it was lost:
How was it lost (mail, trade, or something else):

It might take a while to sort things out, but we'll definitely sort it out!

if possible, please take screen shots of every mail/transaction you do until this unstable server crash get fixed. send in those SS if available to ease up Support Team's work in restoring your items.

Warlock / IHave3 Warlock Build
« on: April 21, 2013, 11:26:07 pm »
hehe I saw jere's thread about his build, so I guess Ill just throw mine out too

Skill Build

note on skill build : pretty much self explanatory, but ill point out the difference in mine with other's build

  • Level 9 Shackle - not maxed as I took some out to be put in other skill
  • Level 1 Black Harvest  - Im like using a well reinforced weapon, so level 1 BH is more than enough to get my hp back to half atleast
  • Max Soul Trap - I use it as a combo with bunny, so i need it to deal max damage as possible
  • Level 5 Sleep - Not really necessary to put up to 5 points in it, but I like to make people sleep while I go killing the rest of their team mates. 3 points will give you 12s sleep which is already nice, I just want a little bit more than that
  • Level 0 Rend Soul - I didnt put any points in it because I find it less utilized in my build as I really couldnt be bothered spending even 0.5s to cast it
  • Max Mass Port - 60 second cd? but with my build I got it down to 54 seconds cd, not sure. since the cooldown start right after i click it, so I basically have like only 40s left on CD to it, enabling me mass teleporting to up to 5 different location in a brief of time
others are self explanatory.

Skill Bar

Note : its up to you really, I just put the skills where I find myself clicking easier
I also put my mounts and my pran on skill bar to ease me switching between pran/mount while in battle or while being disabled. YES YOU CAN CHANGE MOUNT/PRAN WHILE DISABLED/in battle!

Gear / Status Build
Vanguard Set
Staff +11 - Critical Rate 6, Critical Damage 13%, Nation Damage Increase 220
Helm +10 - Critical resist 8, spirit 6, dodge 4
Body +11 - Critical resist 8, dodge 4, Move speed+3
Gloves +8 - Critical resist 8, dodge 4, Move speed+3
Boots +8 - Critical resist 8, dodge 4, Move speed+3
yeah, I know that is a bit weird choice of enchants, was just testing it out and ended up liking it and kept it that way.

My build rely on resist and dodge/asr
Unstoppable Accessory
4x Fear Resist 5%
4% Stun Resist 5%
2x Silence Resist 5% - with maxed Ahriman, you get 40% silence resist, 20% from accessory set, so I only needed 10% more to reach the cap of 70% Silence Resist
2x Immobilizing Resist 5% - just to fill it in and to stack it up with the one from accessory set effect. you can alternatively put other enchant instead.

I use 1 point in dex, some points in str to make it 10, and the rest into spirit
1 first point in any attribute grants you 1 additional bonus of each attribute.

White Blue Lacerta (Critical Resist 10)
3x Crit resist mount
Flame Amistad
3x Int +10

Note : Int status from gear gives you better bonus(0.075% cd for each int), so I opted to int.
Crit damage 3% is self explanatory

Tips & Trick
Skill combo that I usually use on normal people :-
  • Ruinous Thunder > Mana Barb > Aether Flare
Skill combo that I use on Cleric or tanks
  • Soul Trap > Bunny > Ruinous Thunder > Mana Barb > Aether Flare  (they usually die on Ruinous Thunder)
I also spam buffs and soup before buffing my manashield. This will make RM/CL debuffing me harder. The Soup combo that I spam
1) 50 honor speed potion
2) 150 honor Battle Valor potion
3) 3mil per 1k stack Karena INT soup
4) CL buffs - I always have cleric buffs me before going out to anywhere.
  • AL > Haste > Bless > AB
5) WR buff if available (2 buffs here)
6) Manashield
So basically I will have 9 buffs before my manashield, I will not lose my manashield even if I get castigated. nice isnt it?

I will update more when I remember more hehehe

Off-Topic Discussions / AikaSEA closure
« on: April 12, 2013, 04:45:01 am »

Dear Elters,

After much deliberation and thought for the past one month, we have come to a decision to end the game service of AikaSEA on Thursday, 16th May 2013, 10:00 (GMT +8).

With that in mind, please take a note on key dates below:

12th April 2013 - Removal of registration for AikaSEA accounts and cease of all events.
15th April 2013 - Removal of AikaCash Conversion Service
29th April 2013 - Removal of AikaSEA website
16th May 2013, 10:00 (GMT +8) - Closure of AikaSEA

We would like to thank you for playing AikaSEA. It has been a great pleasure to serve you all and to witness countless awesome battles in AikaSEA during these 2 years.

Please stay tuned to AikaSEA website and Facebook page for further updates and announcements.

For question and enquiry, please contact Asiasoft Customer Support.

- AikaSEA Administrator
Just when I started to play there! T_T
this is rather saddening, lets not let aikaNA face the same fate as AikaGlobal, and AikaSea... have fun everyone.

Vanov / Vanov Forum Moderator
« on: April 03, 2013, 11:56:42 am »
Hello, as you guys know, I am a moderator, but we are still looking for a second moderator for vanov, so if you are interested, do please drop a message here or through PM. We will get it reviewed and you might be the next moderator! please fill in below's info for application :-
In-Game Name and level:
Nation: Vanov
Current forum username:
Schedule availability(in EST):

General Discussion / MOVED: Alethian Forum Moderator
« on: April 03, 2013, 11:53:57 am »

Suggestions / Reinforcing system
« on: March 30, 2013, 12:30:27 pm »
I know this is the infamous controversial topic since the start of this game, but it just really makes me lose hope in continuing playing this game when a lot of people had to put up with a lot of tries to even get a single additional + on their gears when "some" players get their geared reinforced without much money spent.
I only ask a little tweak on this, like adding a condition on 100% successful reinforcement . For example, the 1%(rare/honor gear +9/10/11) stays, but they have a 100% success reinforcement on 100th fail try.

It's just so frustrating when you fail hundreds of enricheds trying to get a single + in a single piece of gear. Im pretty sure others feel this too. Well this issue has been risen before, but nothing was done about it, not really putting high hope on this, but just to let you guys know how your players feel.

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