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Lenaria / LMA recruiting
« on: January 20, 2018, 01:00:36 pm »
LMA is recruiting all active players. Must participate in raid or defense.

General Discussion / Re: Upcoming 3rd Class New Set & Others
« on: January 17, 2018, 11:33:41 am »
Ikr..can't wait to get to lvl 99 so I can do my 3rd class quests so I can farm Ariella Hell when it comes out.


So far I have received just about all my items from all events. There have been some errors, and some nit picking, but I feel that this will be resolved shortly.

Thanks for everyone sticking together and supporting each other. Thanks to my accountant, and those who helped behind the scenes too.  ;)

If people are STILL not getting their items fairly, you should let us know...let everyone know!!

I have a player in Lenaria who participated but has not yet received his two Sets. He submitted a ticket. He's supposed to be getting a +12 Mystic OC Set and a +12 95 Honor set(can't remember which one he wanted). Can't remember his name right off hand either. I told him to send in a ticket requesting an update on when he was going to get his items from the Event(He participated in the 1500 event).

Forum Events / Re: [AIKA RSP] Maintenance Game (January 17, 2018)
« on: January 17, 2018, 01:00:53 am »
Paper - ImAuntieSocial

LOL. You have proof from the GMs that it was legit and from an Event.

It was an event. Albeit a cash shop event, but still an event.

What we need is an Event for the free players. The ones who can't afford to spend money.

Game Issues / Re: Zereka coin drops
« on: January 16, 2018, 06:22:25 pm »
You and me both, check out the current post about Zerecka Coins:

Suggestions / Re: Enable Zerecka Coin Drops an Make the Permanent
« on: January 15, 2018, 01:54:50 am »
I didn't know Zerecka coins dropped in Lucky Shop?

I said +9 not +0 lol.

I've seen Enriched S extracts go for 80mil a couple weeks ago.

+9 heaven  for 100m the piece?  who is  selling  ? i will buy  and enriched 80m?  perhaps pellurite not  rubicine

NVM I misunderstood what you said. I apologize. And yes I agree that +9 80 uni is better than a +0 90 uni..but after that long haul to Core and then Over's worth it.

BUt you must understand that this is based off the new players. Where the only thing they can do is farm.

I can't help the game mechanics behind gear reinforcement, I'm just explaining current prices and the options that new players have.

I manage to farm only 40mil gold a day if I'm lucky, for someone starting out, they'll only get half that. Not everyone is insanely rich on this game.

I said +9 not +0 lol.

I've seen Enriched S extracts go for 80mil a couple weeks ago.

General Discussion / Re: Upcoming 3rd Class New Set & Others
« on: January 12, 2018, 02:59:46 pm »
Bump....We already got the 3rd waiting for hell mode ariella.

Suggestions / Re: Enable Zerecka Coin Drops an Make the Permanent
« on: January 12, 2018, 12:32:48 pm »
That could be another great place to drop.

But honestly, if you read the story. ALL of the monster's are considered Zerecka....My friend read the story last night cause she never heard of the game. The Goddess Aika created the Zerecka to fight the Humans, the Zerecka nearly wiped out the Humans, so she used the last bit of her powers to raise Lakia into the sky. Now she is waking up..and so is the Zerecka forces.

Long story short: Zcoins should drop everywhere.

Honestly, I think this should be stickied(or pinned) in the Marketplace Section..Since we ARE talking about Market PRICES for sets. ~Suggestion for Forum Moderator~

And yes, price of sets fluctuate. This is a given with Aika, it always has and always will. Heaven set CLEAN with no enchants and no + is only worth at MAX 700mil.

+9 80 uniques vary tbh. Normally clean +9 80 uniques are worth anywhere from 70-140mil depending on which set it is. Enchanted with decent enchants will bring that price up to 250mil.

+10 80 uniques are highly sought after and costa  little more. +10 Clean 80 Uniques go for about 200mil - 300mil. Enchanted with decent enchants will bring that price up to 400mil - 450mil.

Which in all honesty, for 400mil I'd rather farm another 200mil gold and get a clean heaven set.

BUT herein lies the problem; Not enough Heaven sets in Game for those trying to shed their 80 uniques. There is only 3 solutions. Option 1: Buy a set. Option 2: Collect the DIY set and the materials, contact GMs to craft the set via Ticket on Website. Option 3: Core your 80 uni and convert it to Heaven.

Option 3 does give you some benefits tho. Say you have +10 set, well converting it will only drop the reinforcement value down by 4. So your +10 80 unique will be a +5 Heaven set after you Convert it.

Problem with Option 3: Not enough Ruby cores in game, would have to farm Abyss..or if they are in the scam boxes, wait for someone to spam those. Ruby cores are about 100mil - 150mil per.

Rhawn Crossroads / Re: Dear Players, We must come together!
« on: January 12, 2018, 11:57:43 am »
Well, I sent in a ticket to Enable Zerecka COin drops...and I made a forum poll...Just like I did with getting Envoy to Len.

It's up to the players to submit tickets in.

Why Zerecka COin Drops?

Well because farming zerecka coins can bring in some good currency. Lots of new players need 80 uni sets  for that long haul to 91 or higher.

These +9 and +10 80 unis are great farming sets for farming fields and lycan cave dungeons. Plus those 7th anni sets. Not many people have them in game. So it would be nice to see more zerecka coins. And normally they sell for about 2mil per.

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