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Best enchnats no cheap. Tbh. 400kgb per set  8) :o



Would u all like to see a list for Enchantments?




Universal Marketplace / Re: Trade : CL Dawn +9 to CL Arma +9
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General Discussion / Re: Fix GBs and DYIs !!!!
« on: January 11, 2018, 11:28:39 pm »
Why do people keep asking for updates, fixes and events? Nothing you say or do will make the staff do anything different than they have planned. The only thing they'll keep doing is milking the idiots who still spend money on this dead and broken game, stop wasting your time on aika and find something new.

Blah blah blah . We are not asking for something new. Get the game back to normal.  :o


General Discussion / Fix GBs and DYIs !!!!
« on: January 11, 2018, 03:28:19 am »
 :-X :-\


he wants full 12 set best enchanted for 1 gold . pls add a post about enchants so ppl know that 200kgb worth of armor enchants doesn't make sense or your prices dont make sense . we cant do both . sorry mate !

"full 12 set best enchanted for 1 gold"<----that isn't what i want, Im currently buying a set for 350k. My goal is to help player find the best prices for buying and or selling a set. I helped a lot of player sell/buy sets in my many years of playing AikaOnline and the prices i have listed in this post is what i seen players buying and selling their sets for.. I'm sorry if the prices i have listed here doesn't make sense to you but it's what most players are selling their sets for... This list was made only after i took a few days going from nation to nation and asking players on and off AIKA about the prices of Gear,Plus,Rank A/AA/S, etc.. Anyays... i would like to know what would you think ur set would sell for... and lets see how much "sense" that would make

I actually do think that 350kgb so good price for most 12 sets. The issue is the opposite when you want to buy BEST  enchnats for a set ur self it costs u 200kgb which u know I'm right.

My suggestion is to make a good list for enchnats' prics as now there is one for sets. I would like to see that. Oreo  ;D


Universal Marketplace / Re: S>PL reso 12 set
« on: January 09, 2018, 06:40:11 am »

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