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Events / [EVENT] Dungeon Run "participants current level"
« on: August 14, 2017, 02:11:55 am »
Final level of participants and winners

FluffyCloud - 91 (1st place)
Ousen - 50
Riyuzen - 37
Hermi - 40
SparklingRed - 54
DarsiZ - 31
ToxicRage - 86 (2nd place)
xR3p - 51
oShootEMuPo - 60 (3rd place)
Lesifu - 30
Payony - 58
AsamiSNK - 59
NumeD - 1

For the 1st to 3rd placer winners, you may request for your rewards on Tuesday at 00GT.  Thank you.

General Discussion / Hall of Shame (Updated)
« on: August 11, 2017, 09:23:24 pm »
Macro / Bot Users:


> MrHeinz (Ostyrion)


1st offense 15 days ban / -3 to all of his equipment including degrade from overcore to heaven parts)
2nd offense 30 days ban / -5 to all of his equipment including degrade from overcore to heaven parts)
3rd offense (Account wipe out)

Latest News and Updates / 20% Tcoin sale event! (August 10-18)
« on: August 10, 2017, 02:40:47 am »

It's the T3fun sale bonus again! Players who top up in the time period of the event will get more Tcoins!
Get 20% bonus TCoins whenever you top-up within the event period!

Do not miss this huge opportunity!

Events / [EVENT] Points and Exchange: Pellurite and Rubicine
« on: August 10, 2017, 02:01:33 am »

Duration/Schedule:  August 10 – September 8, 2017
- Player(s) who purchase luckyshop box on the event point period will accumulate exchange points on their accounts.
- 1 Luckyshop box = 1 Point
- Players then can exchange their points on the event exchange period for the items in the event list posted on our forum by sending us a support ticket.
T3fun ID: GMawesome
In-game name: GM-Hades
Item request: Reward for 150, 350, 500
- All exchange request must be in this format or else request will be denied.
- Any tickets filed regarding the event will not be entertained 15 days after the rewarding period.
- Rewards and dates may be subject to change with or without prior notice.
- All purchases must be made through Lucky Shop plays only.
- Only valid purchases from August 10, 2017 06:00AM until September 8, 2017 23:59PM (Game Time) will be counted for this event.
- Purchases in Web Shop or in-game Cash Shop will not be considered.
- Players can no longer choose or select specific items for the event rewards.

X10 ['S'] Enriched Pellurite Jackpot Box
x10 ['S'] Enriched Rubicine Jackpot Box
X5 Superior Extract Chest ['S']
x10 Apple Flavored Candy (NON-TRADABLE)
x10 Strawberry Flavored Candy (NON-TRADABLE)
x10 Grapefruit Flavored Candy (NON-TRADABLE)

x20 ['S'] Enriched Pellurite Jackpot Box
x20 ['S'] Enriched Rubicine Jackpot Box
x10 Superior Extract Chest ['S']
x15 Apple Flavored Candy (NON-TRADABLE)
x15 Strawberry Flavored Candy (NON-TRADABLE)
x15 Grapefruit Flavored Candy (NON-TRADABLE)

x50 ['S'] Enriched Pellurite Jackpot Box
x50 ['S'] Enriched Rubicine Jackpot Box
x25 Superior Extract Chest ['S']
x25 Apple Flavored Candy (NON-TRADABLE)
x25 Strawberry Flavored Candy (NON-TRADABLE)
x25 Grapefruit Flavored Candy (NON-TRADABLE)

- Tier rewards can be accumulated.
- Rewards doesn't have limit.

Apple Flavored Candy (NON-TRADABLE)
(STR +60, Move Speed +13, Abnormal Status RES +20. Unusable with other candies or Wind's Protection Potions)
Strawberry Flavored Candy (NON-TRADABLE)
(AGI +60 Move Speed +13, Abnormal Status RES +20.  Unusable with other candies or Wind's Protection Potions)
Grapefruit Flavored Candy (NON-TRADABLE)
(INT +60, Move Speed +13, Abnormal Status RES +20. Unusable with other candies or Wind's Protection Potions)

Events / [EVENT] Aika Summer Break
« on: August 10, 2017, 02:00:07 am »

- Player(s) need to use W,A,R coupons to enter the event
- Each specific coupons gives a point. Coupons vary between 1,5 and 10 points
- 10 point entry coupons will be available in specific lucky shop boxes.
- 1, 5 and 10 point entry coupons will be given randomly in-game via Aika Talent acquisition
- Total points will be calculated after the event period
- Top (5) players with the highest point will win awesome rewards
-7th premium accessory box
-25 pcs Superior Extract Chest ['S']
-1x Noble Aika Stone Lv.3 
-1x Noble Zereka Stone Lv.3

Consolation reward:

We will pick a (3) random player that used the W, A and R coupon to receive in-game rewards:

-1x PvP Sauce Box
-1x 30 day ammo box ['AA']
-1x Caelium Extract box
-3x Integrity Mark Box

Technical Issues / Resolving Login Problem in T3Fun and Aika Websites
« on: August 02, 2017, 07:35:50 am »

Steps on How to Enable Flash Player for Google Chrome

*Note: If you encounter the image below with the message “ says: Log-in... Please wait.”:

click “OK” and follow the steps below:

1. Click the Google Chrome browser and type in the address bar: chrome://settings/content/flash

2. “Allow” and “add” T3Fun and Aika websites:

3. Close the Content settings screen and you can now be able to go to T3Fun and Aika websites.

4. If the new settings were not yet applied, close the Google Chrome or the tab then access again the T3Fun and Aika websites.

Accessing Internet Explorer Using Microsoft Edge

1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser and type:

2. Click the “…” icon and select “Open with Internet Explorer” to open the websites in Internet Explorer

3. The Inter Explorer browser will then open the websites

Latest News and Updates / Winners of Have a sip of Coffee
« on: August 02, 2017, 05:44:05 am »
Top 3 winners of our [Event] Have a sip of Coffee who will receive a set of 7th premium accessory!

- sato
- Natthawut
- Squall

*Rewards will be distributed 7 days after the announcement
*Item will be automatically inserted on your character

Congratulations to all winners!

Thank you and have a nice day

Latest News and Updates / Aika Coupon A,B,C requests
« on: August 02, 2017, 05:38:27 am »
Greetings Aitans!

Please be advised that all Aika Coupons A, B and C must be used or requested on or before August 9, 2017. Request for upgrades after the given date will be disregarded. You can request for upgrades by sending us a support ticket. Be sure to have the correct amount of the items and place in your character's 1st inventory bag so we can process your request.

Thank you and have a nice day

Events / [EVENT] Regain the Power
« on: August 02, 2017, 05:35:41 am »


    -Only characters who attained Level 99 are capable on joining the event[/li][/list]
    -Player(s) who use the item [Powers Reward Box] will receive several item rewards
    -[Powers Reward Box] will be automatically given to players who belongs to the power nation or lead nation
    -Rewards will be given to the account only once regarding how many item requirements used by the character
    -Reward will be given (7) days after the event period
    -Item(s) will be automatically inserted on the character’s inventory

    - 2pcs 30 day Caelium Extract Box
    - 2pc PVP Sauce Box
    - 200 pcs Greater Portable Repair [Event]
    - 2pcs Sealed Blue Beast

    Events / [EVENT] Boost Festival
    « on: August 02, 2017, 05:24:58 am »

    Events / [EVENT] Dungeon Run
    « on: August 02, 2017, 05:22:43 am »

    Ronnir the “Talent Merchant” ask every Lord Marshal to help their nation grow. That is why they are asking to help the new Aitans to level up to the maximum

    Duration/Schedule:  August 3 – August 19 2017

    -Players need to create a level 1 character and need to max it on or before August 19.
    -The new create characters can only level up by questing and  inside the dungeon (Elite and Hell) only. You can invite your friends to join you in leveling.
    -New created characters should send a ticket that they will join the competition/ event.


    T3fun ID:
    New level 1 character
    IGN of helpers (for security purposes):

    •No using of Arena Onyx and rewards from the Aitan Training Center  (Any players who will be caught using this will be disqualified)
    •Players can use Experience scroll and egg nog / Exp Relics
    •Players can ask help to higher characters to boost them inside the dungeon
    •Any gear is allowed
    •Management will check the progress of each character (This includes the dungeon run, items used etc.)
    •PVP / PVE channels are allowed to do the levelling.
    •We will accept applicants on August 1, 2017 at exactly 00GT
    •Dice is not allowed
    P.S : Avoid using any kind of illegal program inside because we can see every move of your character inside the dungeon.
    •After reaching level 99, kindly input the (`time) and take a screenshot of it. Then send it to support for validation.



    1st placer (fastest to reached level 99)
    •1 full set of +10 90 core (of choice)

    2nd placer
    •1 full set of 7th accessories

     3rd placer

    •1 full set of +7 90 core
    •Consolation rewards: 20 pieces of eggnog and 10 pieces of trampled flowers

    Technical Issues / Basic Technical Issues Guide
    « on: August 02, 2017, 05:12:18 am »
    Basic Technical Issues Guide:

    Website issues:

    •   Use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome to open the main website.
    •   The main website may lose certain functions when opened on mobile devices.
    •   After registration, the system sends a confirmation email. It may occasionally be found on the junk/spam folder of your email account. Some email providers may completely block our system emails, therefore we recommend creating accounts using the most popular email providers like yahoo, gmail, outlook, etc.

    Unable to connect to Server/Unable to Patch/etc. on the Launcher:

    •   Check if your computer and internet connection is working properly.
    •   Check announcements on and AIKA Facebook Fanpage to see if AIKA is under server maintenance.
    •   Change antivirus/firewall settings and set it to allow AIKALauncher.exe,  AIKAEN.exe, and the other files in AIKA to connect to the internet.
    •   Some antivirus software may automatically delete critical game client files. You may need to disable the antivirus during installation and/or patching. Switching to a different antivirus software may also be needed in extreme cases.
    •   Use an Administrator profile on your computer and try running the game as administrator. (Right-click and “Run as Administrator”)
    •   Try downloading the latest installer on the website, uninstalling the current client on your computer, and installing and patching using the new installer.
    •   If you suspect an installer issue, you may copy the entire game client folder from another computer with a fully functional game client.

    Xtrap errors:

    •   Try closing other programs that could be interfering with Xtrap.
    •   Delete the entire Xtrap folder from the game client and let the game download it again.
    •   Use an Administrator profile on your computer and try running the game as administrator. (Right-click and “Run as Administrator”)
    •   Check announcements on to see if AIKA is under server maintenance.
    •   Try copying Xtrap from another computer where it works as intended then use it to replace the one on the system that experiences the error.
    •   Try downloading the latest installer on the website, uninstalling the current client on your computer, and installing and patching using the new installer.

    Connection issues:

    •   NOTICE: The connection between your computer and the game servers may travel through various hubs and servers from a lot of different companies and internet service providers (ISPs). Any one of those can be the cause of lag or disconnections.
    •   "Too many users. Please try again later." – It means that there’s significant traffic from your location, or from ours. You can try closing other running programs, etc. that may use too much bandwidth.
    •   “This region is unable to connect to AIKA Online” – there are multiple regions with their own version of AIKA Online. If your region has its own version, then you may receive this error when connecting to AIKA NA.

    Bugs and Errors in-game? Missing items? Need to send a Main Inquiry?

    •   Please send us a Mail Inquiry from the main website’s “Support” section. Remember to select AIKA on the drop-down menu!
    •   The case shall then be investigated and proper action shall be done.

    Account Suspended?

    •   Please send us a Mail Inquiry from the main website’s “Support” section. Remember to select AIKA on the drop-down menu!

    Forum Policy / Forum Guidelines
    « on: August 02, 2017, 05:07:58 am »

    Article I – Domain, Nature and Objective of the Forums

    Section 1.1 Welcome to the Aika Discussion Forums! The official domain of the Aika forums is
    Section 1.2 The Aika Forum Constitution is the official rules and regulations or code of conduct of this forum.
    Section 1.2 The objective of the Forum rules and regulations is to keep our forums open for honest discussion, including constructive comments to improve our games and services. We do not intend to remove posts that are critical of our products or technologies, but we do remove posts we consider offensive, indecent, malicious or unrelated to the purpose of these forums; we also remove posts that seek to criticize or promote third party or competitor products or services.
    Section 1.3 We aim for a fun and safe environment for all players. We encourage all gamers to visit the forums once in a while to get updates, events, notices, guides as we strive to give all our customers, a service that exceeds your expectations.

    Article II - Terms of Use

    Section 2.1 By participating in the forums, you agree:
    2.1.1 NOT to post any material that is knowingly false, misleading or inaccurate, or offensive.
    2.1.2 NOT to post any material that violates or infringes anyone's intellectual property rights (including copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, publicity rights) or that is obscene, defamatory, racist, violent, harassing, profane, in reference of sexual acts or otherwise objectionable.
    2.1.3 NOT to use the discussions on the Forums for purposes of sharing or distributing viruses, licenses, registration information, software keys or other information designed to do harm to or allow unlawful access to any computer hardware, software, networks, or any other systems.
    2.1.4 NOT to post advertisements, chain letters, junk email or bulk communications.
    2.1.5 NOT to use forum domain name as a pseudonymous return email address for any communications that you transmit from another location or through another service.
    2.1.6 NOT to use the Forums to upload, post or otherwise transmit any content that you do not have a right to transmit to the public under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships (such as inside information, proprietary or confidential information learned or disclosed as part of employment relationships or under nondisclosure agreements).
    2.1.7 NOT to upload, post or otherwise transmit any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment.
    2.1.8 NOT to act in any manner that negatively affects other users' ability to engage in real time exchanges.
    2.1.9 NOT to violate any applicable law.
    2.1.10 NOT to post anyone else's identifying information.
    2.1.11 NOT to create posts with color schemes, font sizes, or other settings which may aggravate other users.
    Section 2.2 Any user that violates the conditions under Article II automatically will have their post modified or deleted and shall be issued a warning or punished based on its severity and by the moderator's discretion.

    Article III - Creating Forum / Account Names / Signature Sizes

    Section 3.1 Forums names will be similar to your usernames.
    Section 3.2 The following names are strictly PROHIBITED in the forums:
    3.2.1 Indecent, Obscene and of Sexual Nature
    3.2.2 Promotes Discrimination based on Nationality, Race, Religion, Gender
    3.2.3 Religious Figures or Religion
    3.3.4 Names of Terrorist, Rebel or Criminal Groups
    3.2.5 Names of People who committed heinous crimes
    3.2.6 Curse or Foul Words
    3.2.7 Letters/Words that suggests of being a GM, Staff of T3Fun, RedBana
    3.2.8 Promotion of Third Party Programs or Names related to a Third Party Programs or Hack Links
    Section 3.3 Any name that violates the conditions under Article 3 shall either demerit an account deletion or be renamed.
    Section 3.4 User signature size is limited to 700x200 pixels.  When creating signatures, please be considerate of people accessing the forum with slower internet speed.

    Article IV – Real Money Trading / Account Selling / Account Trading

    Section 4.1 Advertising to purchase or to sell your items or accounts for Real Currency is strictly forbidden in-game and in the forums.
    Section 4.2 Publisher and Developers of our games will not be held liable for the loss of your items or account as a result of RMT or Account Selling.
    Section 4.3 We are bound to remove and delete any threads or posts that violates Article IV. Sanctions are as follows:

    4.4.1 1st Offense: Warning
    4.4.2 2nd Offense: 7 Days Forum Suspension
    4.4.3 3rd Offense: Permanent Forum Ban

    Article V – Harassments

    Section 5.1 Harassment may be considered to be sexual, discriminative, Hateful, or Defamatory in nature. In which case, offenders will be sanctioned. This includes Real life threats to other gamers or employees of T3Fun (Including player moderators) or violence in any capacity that is not directly related to our games. Sanctions are as follows:

    5.1.1 1st Offense: Warning
    5.1.2 2nd Offense: 3 Days Forum Suspension
    5.1.3 3rd Offense: 7 Days Forum Suspension
    5.1.4 4th Offense: Permanent Forum Ban

    Article VI – No Flaming Clause and Dummy Accounts

    Section 6.1 Flaming is defined as posts which are designed to personally berate or insult another, and is not permitted. Flame Baiting constitutes the hostile reply of an individual / group towards another forum user or group. This includes non-constructive, personal attacks/insults, influence others to reply in a negative manner. Forum members caught violating this rule shall face the following sanctions:

    6.2.1 1st Offense: 7 Days Forum Suspension
    6.2.2 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban

    Section 6.2 Displaying or promoting national, regional, race, religion, ethnic, gender-based hatred falls under our no-flaming policy. This includes showing hatred against another country, religion or religious beliefs/figures, gender discrimination and the like. Avatars, Signatures, Attached Images in connection with Article 6 are covered by this policy. Sanctions are as follows:

    6.2.1 1st Offense: 7 Days Forum Suspension
    6.2.2 2nd Offense: 30 Days Forum Suspension
    6.2.3 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban

    Section 6.3 Dummy Accounts are accounts created for the sole purpose to flame, deceive the community or use to cause disruption. Troll accounts falls under this policy. Sanctions are as follows:

    6.3.1 1st Offense: Permanent Ban

    Article VII – Posting Cheats, Hack, Spam Links and Pornography

    Section 7.1 Creating Forum Threads or replying to posts that found to be promoting cheats, pornography or obscenities in nature, Hacks and Spam URL/links shall be removed from the forums. Sanctions are as follows:

    7.1.1 1st Offense: Permanent Ban
    Section 7.2 Pornographic Avatars or Sexually explicit Signatures shall be removed. Sanctions are as follows:
    7.2.1 1st Offense: 3 Days Forum Suspension
    7.2.2 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban

    Section 7.3 Unintentionally Disclosing links to prove or raise a point, issue or answer to a discussion (such as but not limited to posting a forum link for bots) is not allowed in this forums. Sanctions are as follows:

    7.3.1 1st Offense: Removal of link and Warning
    7.3.2 2nd Offense: 7 Days Forum Suspension
    7.3.3 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban

    Article VIII – Third Party Programs, Private Servers and Competitors 

    Section 8.1 We strictly prohibit the discussion of private servers, modified clients, third-party programs and game exploits. Advocating such topics is also covered by this rule; hence statements like “private servers are the way to go” will merit the same punishment. Sanctions are as follows:

    8.1.1 1st Offense: Permanent Ban

    Section 8.2 Comparing our games against other non T3Fun games, and the promotion of later is strictly prohibited. Advocating by trying out competitor’s game is covered on this rule. Creating Avatars and Signature of games not published by T3Fun is also included on this rule. Sanctions are as follows:

    8.2.2 1st Offense: 3 Days Suspension and edit of post, signature and links
    8.2.3 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban
    8.2.4 If these accounts are found to be new accounts, these accounts shall permanently be banned in the forums

    Article IX – Illegal Drugs or Violations of International Laws

    Section 9.1 Topics or posts with the promotion of Illegal Drugs, and Violations of International Laws (such as but not limited to extremely violent real life scenes, massacres, genocide, terrorism, murders, piracy, child prostitution, violence against women, etc)including images, links, signatures or avatars attached is strictly prohibited and will be removed. Sanctions are as follows:

    9.1.1 1st Offense: 7 Days Suspension
    9.1.2 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban

    Article X – Posting of Real Information

    Section 10.1 Releasing / Disclosing real life information of other players and or T3Fun employees is strictly forbidden. Information includes but not limited to Real Names, Addresses, Contact Numbers, Email Addresses, Birth Dates, Usernames and others. Sanctions are as follows:

    10.1.1 1st Offense: Permanent Ban

    Section 10.2 Disclosing their own information to other players is very dangerous and risky. We discourage gamers from doing this. Not only that this may lead to harassments, but doing so is a step closer of other individuals accurately verifying someone else’s accounts. Be reminded that Moderators shall remove or edit a post that contains your own personal information.   

    Article XI – Spamming & Duplicate Threads

    Section 11.1 Spamming is not allowed and this covers the following:
    11.1.1 Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish.
    11.1.2 Creating threads for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums.
    11.1.3 Posting pointless responses and repeated posting of the same topic across the forums.
    11.1.4 Flooding which is posting the same content on the same thread falls under Spamming.
    Section 11.2 Duplicate Threads or Creating threads about existing topics is also not allowed.
    Section 11.3 Violations in relation to Article 11 shall merit the following sanctions:

    11.3.1 1st Offense – Warning
    11.3.2 2nd Offense – 3 Day Forum Suspension
    11.3.3 3rd Offense – 7 Day Forum Suspension
    11.3.4 4th Offense – Permanent Ban

    Article XII – Advertisements

    Section 12.1 Any advertisements of products, services from companies or institutions other than T3Fun are strictly prohibited in this forum.  Soliciting of products that has nothing to do with the game also falls in this Article. Sanctions are as follows:

    12.1.1 1st Offense: Warning & Deletion of thread and post
    12.1.2 2nd Offense: 7 Days Forum Suspension
    12.1.3 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban
    12.1.4 If violator is a new account, He/she will be permanently be banned

    Article XIII – Discussing Disciplinary Actions

    Section 13.1 Creating posts or threads to discuss disciplinary actions taken against a character or account on the forums is not allowed. (See article XVI for appeals and amendments) Sanctions are as follows:

    13.1.1 1st Offense: 3 Days Forum Suspension
    13.1.2 2nd Offense: 7 Day Forum Suspension
    13.1.3 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban

    Section 13.2 Avoiding suspension or ban by posting another account or having someone to post on your behalf is not allowed. Sanctions are as follows:

    13.2.1 1st Offense: Permanent Ban

    Section 13.3 Should our gamers have any concerns regarding disciplinary actions taken against them or another player, please send us a Mail Inquiry..

    Article XIV – Guides VS Plagiarism

    Section 14.1 Game Guides is very helpful, however it is important to give credit to the original creator of the guide. Game Guides that has been published already over the web must be credited thoroughly unless the source of these guides came from sites that will modified our gaming clients such as hacks and bots.   
    Section 14.2 All Game guides must be original. Guides should be well-written and well-edited. No two Guides should be the same.
    Section 14.3 Game guides should not violate any copyrighted material.
    Section 14.4 Game guides posted on this forum may be used in any T3Fun publishing material, and may be used for promotional purposes.
    Section 14.5 Game Guides that does not follow the above sections will be removed at the discretion of the moderators.
    Section 14.6 Language Specific Game Guides (such as guides written in Russian, Chinese,  French, Spanish etc…) to assist gamers from different countries is exempted from Article 16. However, Language Specific Game Guides should be ailed first at Mail Inquiry. for screening and approval.

    Article XV – Language Policy: English Only

    Section 15.1 We cater to an international community of gamers with different dialects and languages, though we respect everyone’s dialects and languages, however our moderators will be limited to a certain language in regulating each threads and post. To avoid masking any violations using their native language, we encourage and we will strictly enforce the English-Only policy.  Sanctions are as follows:

    15.1.1 1st Offense: Post deletion and Warning
    16.1.2 2nd Offense: 3 Days Forum Suspension
    16.1.3 3rd Offense: 7 Days Forum Suspension

    Section 15.2 Game Guides can be exempted as long as it adheres to Article 14 Section 14.6 of this policy.

    Article XVI – Amendments & Appeals

    Section 16.1 The above rules may be changed with or without prior notice at the discretion of T3Fun Management.
    Section 16.2 Should Gamers appeal to any decisions made by our moderators, gamers may contact the Global Moderator/Administrator through private message or  send us a Mail Inquiry.

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