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Title: PVP dg
Post by: sendsophia on November 06, 2017, 08:47:16 am
I gots a 99 dg. High plussed SC or mystic/pistols refuse to OC.

Can you tell me a good build, and skill combos please?
Title: Re: PVP dg
Post by: Maris0l on December 10, 2017, 01:17:39 am
It mostly depends on what you feel most comfortable with. I was always focusing on taking ticks off of a pally's ward so I put single points into insta cast skills. I mostly max'd only crossfire and other aoe type skills. I only put 1 point into nightshade and a few points into bloody rose and hotshot so I don't have to rely on pots. My play style was very fast where others might not be as fast so I would suggest just testing out some different variations of builds that you think would be good for your play style. It's pretty straight forward max out skills that will give you the most damage output and only put 1 or a few points into those with less value like nightshade, poison ivy, hemlock, etc. At some point on the private server I was actually only using level 1-5 stealth to just use stealth as a reset for my enemies lock on me. It turned out to be pretty useful but it is very situational and I wouldn't recommend it at this level. Also i'm not sure how many points we have now at level 99 because I don't play anymore but I'm sure you would be able to max some skills that I wasn't able to max with my specific build. A good dg will be able to a lot with almost any kind of build you just need to adapt it to your play style.